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Allergic Reactions

Always cvonsider called for ? life support for a patient with a severe allergic reaction Advanced
Proteins that search for antigens and destroy them antibodies
the proces of antibodies combining with antigens and destroying them sensitization
the patient experiencing anaphylaxis is in immediate need of administraion of ? epinephrine
substances that cause an abnormal response by the immune system allergiens
? intubation may be needed to manage the airwayof a patient in anaphylactic shock. endotracheal
the EMT-B's first priority in caring for a patient with anaphylaxis s maintaning a patient airway
foreing substances that enter the body and are destroyed antigens
an ? reaction occurs whe an allergen causes an abnormal response of the immune system allergic
a side effect of epinephrine is increased ? rate heart
true anaphylaxis is indicated by ? compromise and/or shock respiratory
a severe form of allergic reaction which can be lifethreatening anaphylaxis
the epinephrine autoinjector is usually placed onthe lateral aspect of the patient's thigh
a feeling of generalized weakness or discomfort malaise
introduction of an allergen by the patient breathing it into his lungs immune
the most common cause of allergic reactions is the drug ? Penicillin
introduction of an allergen into the body by swallowing it ingestion
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