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______________external defibrillators can be operated by trained EMT-B's, and or anyone trained to us it. Automated
Medication administration and cardiac pacing are function of_____________life support. Advanced (ALS)
Device that will deliver an electrical shock to convert a fibrillating heart is___________. a Defibrillator
AED failure is most commonly attributed to improper ? maintenance
cardiac arrest in children is often the result of hypoxia
Ventricular____________is a disorganized cardiac rhythm that producs no pulse fibrillation
transport of the patient after the delivery of a total of_____shocks Two
Apply the AED only to patients who are pulseless, apneic and ___________. unresponsive
converting a heart to a rhythm with a pulse with an electrical shock defibrillation
venticular____________is a very fast heart rhythm generated in the ventricle tachycardia
The heart has an electrical rhythm, but there is no pulse. PEA
Cardiac____________occurs when the heart is not pumping and no pulses can be felt arrest
______________the patient after three "no shock" messages are recerived from the AED` transport
To be most effective, defibrillation must be administered within_________min four
The absence of electrical activity or pumping action in the heart____________. asystole
The most frequent initial rhythm in sudden cardiac death is_____________fibrillation ventricular
____________CPR and get clear of the patient as the AED analyzes the rhythm. Stop
Early acces, CPR, defibrillation, and advanced life support is called the chain of____________. Survival
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