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Apologia Human Body

Apologia Module 8- Human Body Fearfully & Wonderfully Made

What does the Primary Somatic Sensory area do? Receives and localizes general sensations from the entire body.
What does the Somatic Sensory Association Area do? Interprets the sensory information and puts it into context with your past experiences.
What does the Visual Association area do? Recognizes the meaning of visual information by putting it into context with your past experiences.
What does the Visual Cortex do? Interprets the basic visual information such as shape and color.
What does Wernicke's area do? Deals with the comprehension of speech.
What does the Auditory Association are do? Interprets the meaning of sound by placing it into context with your past experiences.
What does the Primary Auditory Area do? Interprets the basics of sound such as pitch and volume.
What does the Broca's area do? It initiates the muscle movements for speech
What does the Taste Area do? It interprets taste.
What does the prefrontal area responsible for? The site of motivation and foresight; regulates mood and emotion.
What does the Premotor Area do? It works out the sequence of signals needed for complex motion.
What does the Primary Motor Cortex do? It controls skeletal muscle movements.
Created by: Ilovemyfamily