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Endotracheal & Inlin

slide notes

What are some signs and symptoms that trach suctioning is needed? Non-productive cough, agitation, restlessness, labored respirations (decrease in 02 sat), increase in RR and HR, adventitious lung sounds, and gurgling
What position (if not contraindicated) should the patient be in for trach suctioning Semi-fowler's
What is it important to remember for closed system suctioning? Wear eye protection
What euipment will you need for open system? Ambu bag, kit or sterile gloves, sterile catheter, sterile basin, and sterile saline.
What are the steps for the closed system? Connect ambu bag Use clean gloves Unlock suction control port Flush in-line system to clear catheter of all secretions Re-lock suction control port when finished.
What is different in the gloves you use in closed system ? Due to closed system which is sterile, only need clean gloves
Mouth is care important when suctioning because? Prevents Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP) Keep mouth moist
mouth care when suctioning should be done : every 2 hours
Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP) can develop within 48 hours
VAP can be caused by If the mouth gets dry, bacteria drops down the throat. Not using sterile procedure, NPO, the right equipment not being used and not properly removing bacteria
Even if the patient is unconscious you should explain what you're doing
Created by: UARN85