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absite immunol

role of helper T cells rel IL2,4, delayed type hypersensitivity
describe difft type of T helper cells TH1=rel of proinflamm cytokines (IL2, INF gamma); TH2=rel of anti inflamm IL4
2 role IL4, rel by, involved in what dz rel by TH2, causes B cells to mature into plasma cells, anti inflamm by inhibiting macrophages, involved in atopy/allergy
role IL2, rel by rel by TH1, causes maturation cytotoxic T cells
CD marker for helper T cells, cytotoxic T cells CD4 helper, CD8 cytotoxic
cell mediated immunity is by which cells T cells
TB test is test of which type of immunity cell mediated
deficit in cell mediated immunity leads to what type of infxns viral, TB
fxn of cytotoxic T cells recognize and attack non self Ag on MHCI
humoral immunity due to which cells B cells
what causes B cells to become plasma cells? This rel from which cells? TH2 rel IL4
name 2 main MHC classes and subsets MHCI (A,B,C), MHCII (DR, DP, DQ)
describe MHCI CD8 activation (for cytotoxic T cells), present on all nucleated cells, a single chain w 5domains
what cells have MHCII B cells, dendrites, monocytes, Ag presenting cells
describe MHCII activator to TH cells (CD4 activation), to stimulate Ab formation
how does viral infxn cause Ab production viral proteins get bound to MHCI, go to cell surface and recognized by B cells
how does bac infxn cause Ab production endocytosis, then presented by MHCII
how are natural killer cells different from T cells not restricted by MHC, don't need previous exposure, don't need Ag presentation…neither T or B cells
cancer surveillance is done by Natural killer cells
which Ab can cross placenta IgG
where IgA found secretions, peyer's patches in GI, breast milk
role of IgA prevent microbial adherence and invasion in gut
what is IgD, role membrane bound protein on B cells, Ag receptor
key roles igE parasite infxn, allergic rxns
key roles of IgG and IgM opsonins and fix complement (need 2 IgG and 1 IgM)
what recognizes constant region of Ig PMN and macrophages
types of hypersensitivity ACID-anaphyl, cytotoxic, immune complex, delayed
mech of type I hypersensitivity and exs preformed IgE on mast cells that the Ag crosslinks; anaphylaxis (MC food, also bee stings), allergic rhinitis/hay fever
mech of type II hypersensitivity Ab formed by immune reaction--> Ab and complement--> MAC to cell lysis
exs type II hypersensitivity MACs cause BITTER (HA)M GoG (destroy cells): bullous pemphigoid, ITP (plt Ab), transfusion, hyperacute/ABO incompatibility/hemo anemia, myasthenia gravis, Good pasteur (other GN are III), Graves
mech of type III hypersensitivity and exs immune complex, IC cause LARG PANSS (nodules): Lupus (think renal bx), arthrus rxn (local vasculitis s/p vaccine), RA (think nodules), GN, PAN (think bx) serum sickness
mech of type IV hypersensitivity and exs delayed t cell->activated macro T cell cause triple T DAMaGe Transplant, TB PPD, Touch, DMI, Autoimmune thyroiditis, MS, Guillan Barre
what type of rxn is contrast anaphylactoid-mast degranulation but not IgE mediated, doesn't req prev sensitization
histamine in blood comes from what cells, in tissue comes from what cells basophils, mast cells
what are the 1ry lymphoid organs? 2ry? liver, bone, thymus; spleen, LN
what pt would have immunologic chimera BM trxp
what does IL2 do to lymphocytes, what dz is it helpful for converts lymphocytes to lymphokine activated killer (LAK) cells and tumor-infiltrating lymph; good for melanocyte
when to give tetanus incompletely immunized clean wound? Contam wound? if <3 Td doses or unk tetanus status: give Td if clean minor, give Td + TIG if contam
when to give tetanus completely immunized depending on last booster...clean wound? Contam wound? never give TIG, if clean minor >10y give Td; if contam and >5yr since booster give Td
when give TIG for wound incompletely immunized (<3Td) and contaminated
Created by: ehstephns
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