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Chinese Odyssey L23

Johns Hopkins Univ. Press

song4; to see someone off
飞机场 fei1ji1chang3; airport
托运 tuo1yun4; check in luggage
行李 xing2li5; luggage
登机牌 deng1ji1pai2; boarding pass
kao4; next to; to lean on
走到 zuo3dao4; walkway; aisle
座位 zuo4wei4; seat
窗口 chuang1kou3; window; wicket
手续 shou3xu4; procedure
you4; again
到港 dao4gang3; arrive at port; airport; harbor
离岗 li2gang3; leave port
屏幕 ping2mu4; screen; monitor
准时 zhun3shi2; punctual
起飞 qi3fei1; (airplane) takeoff
离开 li2kai1; to leave (place or person)
难过 nan2guo4; sad
进站口 jin4zhan4kou3; arrival gate or platform
机票 ji1piao4; ticket (plane)
huan4; exchange
直接 zhi2ji1; directly
晕机 yun4ji1; motion sickness
候机室 huo4ji1shi4; airport waiting room
要是 yao4shi4; if; in case
晚点 wan3dian3; late arrival
安全检查口 an1quan2jian3cha2kou3; security inspection gate
yao4; medicine
送行 song4xing2; to see someone off
降落 jiang4luo4; descent (aircraft)
上飞机 shang4fei1ji1; board (aircraft)
下飞机 xia4fei1ji1; disembark (aircraft)
坐飞机 zuo4fei1ji1; travel by aircraft
搭乘 da1cheng2; (formal) to ride (public transport)
班机 ban1ji1; scheduled flight
航空 hang2kong1; to travel by air
按时 an4shi2; on time; on schedule
门口 men2kou3; doorway; entrance
路口 lu4kou3; road intersection
Created by: Timmy19
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