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number 1 way to prevent infection handwashing
What is an infection entry and multiplcation of pathogens into tissue of a host to cause disease state
chain of infection Infectious agent, reservoir, portal of exit,mode of tranmission portal of entry, susceptible
Modes of transmission contact, droplet, air, vehicle,vector
Droplet precaution protocol surgical mask worn when within 3 feet of patient
Types of precaution standard, airborne, droplet, contact
What is worn to care for patient on contact precation? gown and gloves
Which patients are standard precation utilized on? all patients in relation to blood, body fluids, secretions, excretions and non-intact skin and mucous membranes
What should the nurse wear when working with a patient on airborne precation? N95 particulator mask whenever in patient room
When a nurse wears PPE for a patient on contact isolation, where is the break in the chain of infection occurring? mode of transmition and portal of entry
How does a nurse protect a patient from infection? hand washing, bathing, oral hygiene, cough deep breath, wound care
Colinization of bacteria bacteria present in an area of body (skin, mouth, intestines, airway) doesn't cause active disease, can be transmitted
PPE should be... put on prior to entering room, removed prior to leaving room
Psychological impact of isolation depression
heat therapy causes vasodialation, improved capillary permeability,reduced muscle tension
cold therapy causes vasoconstriction, increased viscosity, decreased muscle tension.
Contraindications to heat therapy active bleeding, cardiovascular disease, neuropathy
Diadvantages to moist hot/cold therapy maceration, changes temp rapidly, increase risk if skin damage
Rebound effect opposite physiological response will occurr after 20-30 minutes of application
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