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Latin Midterm Review

Chapters 1-4

Ecce! Look!
Puella Girl
nomine name
quae who
habitat lives, living
etiam also
villa country house & farm
ubi where
aestate in the summer
laeta happy
quod because
iam now
sub arbore under the tree
sedet sits, sitting
et and
legit reads, reading
altera second, another
vicina neighboring
dum while
scribit writes, writing
quoque (adv.) also
sunt are
amicae friends
hodie today
sed but
in agris in the fields
ambulant walking
brevi tempore in a short time, soon
defessa tired
non iam no longer
strenua active, energetic
currit runs, running
tandem at last
ex agris out of the fields
ad villam rusticam towards the countryhouse
lente slowly
quid faciunt? what... doing?
molestus troublesome, annoying
semper always
vexat annoys
igitur therefore
amat like, love
dormit sleeps
conspicit catches sight of
appropinquat stealthy
ascendit climbs
magnus big, large
magna voce in a loud voice
audit hears, listens
videt see
vox voice
terret frightens
sollicita anxious. worried
tum then, at that moment
descende climbs down
tu you (subj.)
nihil nothing
te you (direct obj.)
cave be careful
ramus branch
infirmus weak
lupus wolf
fragor crash, noise
qualis what sort of...?
quo where...to?
Created by: jennahamilton