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local goverment

social studies

What is a revenue? a budget that outlines a source of income
What is an expenditure? a plan for spending funds
About 90% of GA's revenue comes from what? taxes
can state budgets be adjusted? yes
What are the 3 types of govt ga basically works under? original,supplementary, amended
what is an original budget? a budget that's only approached for a year
What is an amended budget? A budget in which changes can be made to
what is supplementary budget? A budget in which changes can be made to cover new spending
Members of the legislature are elected by what? Popular vote
The members of the legislature are elected an given how many years of office? 2
Each member of the legislature is elected by the members of what two things? House or senate district
The presiding officers appoint what 2 things? their chairsperson and committee
does the lieutenant officer have a say in who should be in the senate? no
All bills must be reviewed by a _________ or_________ house or senate commitee
What do the Ways and Means committee do? handles bills involving taxes
What the Appropriations committee do? Works on the budget
what does judicial committee do? deals with bills such as state laws
What is a joint committee. Works on assigned topics and are members of both houses
What is an interim committee? Works on assigned issues interest that deal with the legislature
What is a conference committee? A committee in which appointed when the house passes diff forms of a bill
What is the fiscal year? the budgetary spending year
The legislative sessions are _______ days per year from _______ to _______ 2,January,April
How long do standing committees last? from one session to the next
The legislative branch can pass laws not denied by United States Constitution(true/false) true
the legislative branch can ______ laws or_____ then amend,nullify
Public consideration laws are nine one for consideration of most of Georgia's laws made at the ________ level state
can any citizen suggest an idea for a law yes
can a senator or representatives propose for a bill for consideration yes
To be a senator in Georgia in Georgia, how old do you have to be? 25
to be a representative in Georgia, how old do you have to be? 21
Created by: ReidRoberts14