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Latin Flashcards


cave canem! beware of the dog
e.g. (exampli gratia) for the sake of an example
alma mater nourishing mother
annuit coeptis he favors our beginnings
carpe diem sieze the day
SPQR (Senatus Populus Que Romanus) The Senate and the Roman People
salve/salvete hello
vale/valete goodbye
sic semper tyrannis thus always to tyrants
e pluribus unum out of many, one
etc (et cetera) and the rest
et al (et alia and et alli) and the other [things/people]
i.e. (id est) that is
B.C. before christ
A.D. (anno domini) in the year of our lord
a.m. (ante meridian) before the middle of the day
p.m. (post meridian) past the middle of the day
ad lib [ad libitum] to [your] freedom
vice versa the other way around
quid pro quo something for something
stat immediately
arma virumque cano I sing of the arms and the main (the Aneid by Virgil)
ex libris from the books (of)
circa/c/ca around
tempus fugit time flies
ad hoc for a specific purpose
AUC (ad urbe condita) from the founding of the city
ante bellum before the war
terra firma solid ground; earth; land
caveat emptor let the buyer beware
npo (nihil per os) nothing by mouth
po (per os) by mouth
ibid in the same place
pax vobiscum peace be with you
status quo the state in which
Io Saturnalia! equivalent of Merry Christmas!
cf. compare to
qv. look up in the same document
errare est humanum to err is human
mans sana in corpore sana sound mind in a sound body
versus having been turned against
persona non grata unwelcome person
quasi as if
verbatim (adv and adj) word for word
facetious (adj) sarcastically funny; flippant
audacious (adj) bold or daring
felicity (n) happiness
ambulatory (adj) able to walk
belligerent (adj) defiant; warlike
salutations (n) greetings
loquacious (adj) talkative
commencement (n) a beginning
verbose (adj) wordy
sedentary (adj) not moving much; sitting
facsimile (n) exact copy
superfluos (adj) overflowing; unnecessary
ubiquitous (adj) everywhere
omniscient (adj) all knowing
omnipotent (adj) all powerful
tome (n) a book
perservere (v) to persist
somnabulist (n) sleepwalker
puerile (adj) childish
exhume (v) to dig up
lachrymose (adj) sad; tearful
surreptitious (adj) kept secret
fastidious (adj) attentive to detail
salient (adj) important; prominent
bonafide (adj) good faith; real; true
cornucopia (n) horn of plenty
insatiable (adj) not able to be satisfied
grandiloquent (adj) pompous; flowery language
redundant (adj) repetitive
levity (n) amusing; lightheartedness
altruism (n) selflessness
expedite (v) to speed up
perennial (adj) through the years
obsequious (adj) exceedingly anxious to please
querulous (adj) whining; complaining
charlatan (n) a person who pretends to be something they are not
impede (v) to hinder
acrimonious (adj) sharp; biting
When was Rome founded? 753 BC/1 AUC
peto... petere, petivi, petitus- to look for
advenio... advenire, adveni, adventurus- to arrive
arripio... arripere, arripui, arripitus- to grab
timeo... timere, timui- to be afraid
clamo... clamare, clamavi, clamatus- to shout
rideo... ridere, risi, risus- to laugh
laboro... laborare, laboravi, laboratus- to work
cado... cadere, cecidi, casus- to fall
habito... habitare, habitavi, habitatus- to live
sedeo... sedere, sedi, sessurus- to sit
lego... legere, legi, lectus- to read
scribo... scribere, scripsi, scriptus- to write
sum... esse, fui, futurus- to be
amo... amare, amavi, amatus- to like
dormio... dormire, dormivi, dormitus-to sleep
appropinquo... appropinquare, appropinquavi, appropinquatus- to approach
ascendo... ascendere, ascendi, ascensus- to climb up
audio... audire, audivi, auditus- to listen
conspicio... conspicere, conspexi, conspectus- to catch sight of
video... videre, vidi, visus- to see
terreo... terrere, terrui, territus- to frighten
vexo... vexare, vexavi, vexatus- to annoy
erro... errare, erravi, erratus- to wander
volo... velle, volui- to wish
ambulo... ambulare, ambulavi, ambulatus- to walk
curro... currere, cucurri, cursurus- to run
porto... portare, portavi, portatus- to carry
purgo... purgare, purgavi, purgatus- to clean
curo... curare, curavi, curatus- to take care of
doceo... docere, docui, doctus- to teach
reprehendo... reprehendere, reprehendi, reprehensurus- to scold
surgo... surgere, surrexi, surrectus- to rise
specto... spectare, spectavi, spectatus- to look at
venio... venire, veni, venturus- to come
duco... ducere, duxi, ductus- to lead
trado... tradere, tradidi, traditus- to hand over
paro... parare, paravi, paratus- to prepare
eo... ire, ii (ivi), iturus- to go
excito... excitare, excitavi, excitatus- to rouse
ago... agere, egi, actus- to do, to drive...
intro... intrare, intravi, intratus- to enter
tempto... temptare, temptavi, temptatus- to try
discedo... discedere, discessi, discensurrus- to leave
lacrimo... lacrimare, lacrimavi, lacrimatus- to cry
mitto... mittere, misi, missus- to send
maneo... manere (2nd declension), mansi, mansurus- to remain
teneo... tenere (2nd), tenui, tentus- to hold
gero... gerere, gessi, gestus- to wear
iubeo... iubere (2nd), iussi, iussus- to order
pono... ponere, posui, positus- to place
sto... stare, steti, staturus- to stand
habeo... habere (2nd), habui, habitus- to have
iacio... iacere, ieci, iactus- to throw
dico... dicere, dixi, dictus- to say
verbero... verberare, verberavi, verberatus- to beat
impedio... impedire, impedivi, impeditus- to hinder
effugio... effugere, effugi- to flee
invenio... invenire, inveni, inventus- to find
convoco... convocare, convocavi, convocatus- to call together
rogo... rogare, rogavi, rogatus- to ask
traho... trahere, traxi, tractus- to drag
ferro... ferre, tuli, latus- to bear
puer... pueri, m, boy
hortus... horti, m, garden
vir... viri, m, man
servus... servi, m, slave
rivus... rivi, m, stream
lupus... lupi, m, wolf
auxilium... -i, n, help/aid
clamor... clamoris, m, shout
puella... puellae, f, girl
villa... villae, f, country house
arbor... arboris, f, tree
aestas... aestatis, f, summer
nomen... nominis, n, name
vox... vocis, f, voice
fragor... fragoris, m, crash
ramus... -i, m, branch
dies... diei, f, day
silva... -ae, f, forest
amicus... -i, m, friend (boy)
amica... -ae, f, friend (girl)
ager... agri, m, field
mater... matris, f, mom
pater... patris, m, dad
consobrinus... m, cousin
consobrina... f, cousin
filia... -ae, f, daughter
filius... -i, m, son
ancilla... -ae, f, servant girl
cibus... -i, m, food
aqua... -ae, f, water
nuntius... nuntii, m, messenger
urbs... urbis, f, city
princeps... principis, m, emperor
epistula... -ae, f, letter
cubiculum... -i, n, bedroom
tempus... temporis, n, time
hora... -ae, f, hour
ianitor... ianitoris, m, doorkeeper
cista... -ae, f, trunk
via... viae, f, road
baculum... -i, n, stick
raeda... -ae, f, carriage
equus... -i, m, horse
liberi... -orum, m, children
vilicus... -i, m, overseer
dominus... -i, m, master
area... -ae, f, open space
ira... -ae, f, anger
nox... noctis, f, might
porta... portae, f, door
vestigia... -ae, f, footprint
perterritus... -a, -um, frightened
multus... -a, -um, many
solus... -a, -um, alone
iratus... -a, -um, angry
laetus... -a, -um, happy
vicinus... -a, -um, neighboring
alter... altera, alterum, the second
molestus... -a, -um, annoying
magnus... -a, -um, great
sollicitus... -a, -um, anxious
infirmus... -a, -um, weak
furtim... steathily
calidus... -a, -um, warm
frigidus... -a, -um, cool
ignavus... -a, -um, lazy
deseruss... -a, -um, tired
strenuus... -a, -um, energetic
omnis... -e, all/each/every
necesse est it is necessary
occupatus... -a, -um, busy
meus... -a, -um, my/mine
nullus... -a, -um, none
miser... misera, miserum, miserable
tuus... -a, -um, yours
alius... alia, aliud, other
suus... -a, -um, his/her/its own
plenus... -a, -um, full
bonus... -a, -um, good
subito suddenly
statim immediately
ubi where/when
etiam also
iam now
tum then
ibi there
prope near
hodie today
lenter slowly
tandem at last/finally
quoque also
tamen however
mox soon/presently
nunc now
nondum not yet
celeriter quickly
deinde then
iterum again
simul together
hic here
interra meanwhile
neque...neque neither...nor
et and
quod because
dum while
si if
sed but
eos them
eum him
ego I
eius his/her (s)
me me
quae who
qui who
te you
tu you
nos we
vos you (pl)
nemo no one
in + accusative into
in + ablative in
sub takes ablative under
ad + accusative towards
e, ex + ablative out of/from
per takes accusative through
cum takes ablative with
Eugepae! hooray
Ehue! alas
ecce! look
what is an inflected language? the ending of the words make the meaning
what type of language is latin? classical
how many genders are there? 3
what type of verbs do not exist in latin? helping
what are articles? a, and, the
what two letters don't exist in latin? j and w
what ending indicates a question? -ne
what are the two moods? imperative and indicative
when males are addressed by name what does the ending change to (if the name generally ends in us)? -e
what marks an infinitive? -re
how many conjugations are there? 4
what is the infinitive ending for the first conjugation? -are
what is the infinitive ending for the second conjugation? -ere [with a line over the 1st e]
what is the infinitive ending for the third conjugation? -ere
what is the infinitive ending for the fourth conjugation? -ire
what do you do to conjugate the 1st conjugation? go to infinitive, drop re, and add endings
what do you do to conjugate the 2nd conjugation? go to infinitive, drop re, and add endings
what do you do to conjugate the 3rd conjugation? go to infinitive, drop -re, change e to i, add endings [in 3rd person plural the i becomes a u]
what do you do to conjugate the 4th conjugation? go to infinitive, drop re, add endings [in 3rd person plural the ending is -unt not -nt]
what is the second part of the four principal parts called? infinitive
what is a participle? a verb form used as an adjective [4th principle part]
how do you conjugate sum, esse, fui, futurus? S: sum, es, est P: sumus, estis, sunt
how do you conjugate possum, posse, potui? S: possum, potes, potest P: possumus, potestis, possunt
what is a direct object? a word receiving action from a verb
what are intransitive verbs? apply no action
what are transitive verbs? apply action
in latin, adjectives must agree in what 3 things? gender, case, number [singular/plural]
how many declensions are there? 5
what part of speech are declensions used for? nouns
nominative... subject/predicate nominative (noun)
genitive... shows possession
dative.... indirect object
accusative... direct object
ablative... prepositional case
vocative... case of address
locative... case of place
declensions must be... memorized
ita vero yes
minime no
gratias tibi thank you
si tibi placet please
bona dies good day
felix natilis dies happy birthday
donde est bano? where is the bathroom?
ego I
te amo I love you
voldemort death wish
bene good
male bad
optime" excellent
quid agis/agitis how are yoU?
mille millenium
centum century
"veni, vidi, vici" i came, i saw, i conquered- julius caesar
"et tu, brute" you too, brutus?- julius caesar
adsum I'm here
nota bene note well
quis...? who
cur...? why
Quid facit....? what; what is..... doing?
Quid faciunt...? what are....doing?
saepe often
eius her
inauit he/she says
Italia italy
Roma rome
Romani roman
pictura picture
brevi tempore in a short time
non iam no longer
eadem the same
qui who
gemit he/she groans
piscinam fishpond
femina a/the woman
tunica simple white tunic with sleeves
stola floor length strapped dress without sleeves (women wear them over their tunicas)
Abite, molesti! go away you pests!
palla a single piece of material draped over shoulders and around or over the head [worn for outdoors]
toga pura plain white toga [also known as toga virilis, the 'toga of manhood']
toga praetexta toga with a purple border worn by high government officials; also worn by boys between 14 and 16 but with a thinner stripe [sometimes worn by girls when dressing formally]
bulla locket containing an amulet or charm to ward off evil and protect the wearer from harm
solae simple sandals
Qualis...? what sort of...?
igitur therefore
magna voce in a loud voice
what is tu (you) in a sentence? subject
what is te (you) in a sentence? direct object
Descende! come down
Cave! be careful
respondet he/she replies
temarius rash/reckless
Ferte auxilium! bring help
repellit he/she drives off
e silva out of the woods
salvae safe
excipiunt (they) welcome
adhuc still
Quem...? who....?
nolo I do not wish
potest he/she is able
exire to go out
lucet it is light
per villam through the country house
neque and...not
observat he/she watches
coquere to cook
strenue strenuously
lanam trahunt (they) spin wool
omnia quae everything that
adiuvare to help
ipsa herself
ipse himself
ad urbem to the city
revocat (he/she) recalls
consulere to consult
redire to return
ire to go
contra Graecos against the Greeks
Quos...? Whom...? (plural)
Qui...? Who...? (plural)
decem annos for ten years
obsident (they) besiege
per dolum through a trick
nocte at night
intrant (they) enter
capiunt (they) capture
necant (they) kill
novus new
ad urbe from the city
navigare to sail
senem old man
deos familiares household gods
dei the gods
servant (they) protect
parvus small
filius son
manum hand
tenet (he/she) holds
valde very much
relinquit (he/she) leaves
ubique everywhere
frustra in vain
habent (they) have
fortasse perhaps
servare to save
Brittanicus, Brittannica British
capit head
ara... -ae, f, altar
statua... statuam, f, statue
in horto in the garden
prope rivum near the stream
sub arbore under the tree
ex agris from/out of the fields
e villa from/out of the country house
ad villam towards the country house
Romam to rome
annus... -i, m, year
do... dare, dedi, datus- to give
scuta... scutae, trash
mater mother
pater father
avus grandfather
frater brother
soror sister
patrus uncle on father's side
avunculus uncle on mother's side
amita aunt on father's side
matertera aunt on mother's side
consobrinus m, cousin
consobrina f, cousin
filia ae, f, daughter
filius i, m, son
canis dog
feles cat
bovis cow
equus horse
avis bird
serpens snake
porcus pig
mus mouse
taurus bull
piscis fish
ursus bear
aranea spider
rana frog
accipiter hawk
unus one
duo two
tres three
quattuor four
quinque five
sex six
septem seven
octo eight
novem nine
decem ten
undecim eleven
duodecim twelve
tredecim thirteen
quattuordecim fourteen
quindecim fifteen
sedecim sixteen
septendecim seventeen
duodeviginti eighteen
undeviginti nineteen
viginti twenty
when was rome founded? april 21st, 753 BC
how did they measure years? from the founding of the city {753 BC became 1 AUC]
what hill was rome founded on? palatine hill
how many hills are in richmond and rome? 7
who founded alba longa? ascanius
what god supposedly fathered romulus and remus? mars
who founded rome? who did he kill to do so? romulus killed his brother remus and founded the city
what is the first day of the month? kalends
what is the nones? the 5th or 7th day of each month
what is the ides? 15th or 17th of each month
what day did a soothsayer tell caesar to be ware of? the ides of march
what happened to caesar on the ides of march? he was stabbed by the senat
which months are nones and ides on the 7th/17th? march, may, july, october
what is the aneid? an epic poem told by the roman poet vergil
what is breakfast? iantaculum
what is lunch? prandium
what is dinner? cena
what is a plain column? doric
what column has a capital scroll? ionic
what is the most ornate type of column? corinthian
what are streets called? via
what are shops called? taberna
what are offices called? tabliniums
what are dining rooms called? triclinium
what are altars called? ara
what are hot baths called? cold? warm? calidarium, frigidarium, tepidarium
what is the house called? dormus
what are the courtyards called? peristylium
what are doorways called? vestibulum
what is a foyer called? atrium
what is a pool called? impluvium
what is a kitchen called? culina
dues... -i, m, god
dea... -ae, f, goddess
what were the two household gods? lares and penates
what did the romans do for them daily? sacrifice
where do gods live in roman/greek mythology? mt. olympus
who is the king of the gods? jupiter/zeus
who is the queen? juno/hera
who is the messenger god? mercury/hermes
who is the god of water? neptune/poseidon
who is the god of the underworld? pluto/hades
who is the god of music, the arts, poetry, health, and the sun? apollo
who is goddess of the moon, the hunt, and childbirth? diana/artemis
who is god of war? mars/ares
who is god of fire and smithing? vulcan/hephaestus
who is the goddess of love and beauty? venus/aphrodite
who is the goddess of wisdom and war? minerva/athena
who is the goddess of the harvest? ceres/demeter
which three gods were the sons of cronus? jupiter/zeus, neptune/poseidon, pluto/hades
which two gods are twins? apollo and diana/artemis
which god has the same latin name as his greek name? apollo
what are jupiter/zeus's symbols? lightning bolt, oak tree, cipher, eagle
what is jupiter/zeus's jurisdiction king of the gods, god of sky and weather
what are juno/hera's symbols? peacock, crown
what are mercury/hermes symbols? winged hat, staff, winged shoes
what is juno's jurisdiction? queen, goddess of love, marriage, and the household
what is mercury's jurisdiction? messenger god, god of thieves, business, storytelling, and games
what are neptune's symbols? horse, trident
what is neptune's jurisdiction? god of sea (and other bodies of water)
what are pluto's symbols? helmet, silver, gold
what is pluto's jurisdiction? god of underworld
what are apollo's symbols? crow, sun, dolphin, silver lyre
what is apollo's jurisdiction? god of sun, music, truth, and the arts
what are diana's symbols? moon, deer, bear
what is diana's jurisdiction? goddess of hunt, moon, and childbirth
what are mar's symbols? woodpecker, mars, wolf
what is mar's jurisdiction? god of war
what are vulcan's symbols? hammer, anvil, volcano
what is vulcan's jurisdiction? god of fire, blacksmith, craftsmen
what are venus' symbols? crete myrtle tree, rose, swan, tortoise, ram, dolphin, dove, swallow
what is venus' jurisdiction? goddess of nature, love, beauty, marriage, and lack of self control
what are minerva's symbols? owl, olive tree
what is minerva's jurisdiction? goddess of wisdom, war, and the arts
what are ceres' symbols? cornucopia, wheat
what is ceres' jurisdiction? goddess of agriculture and harvest
sol lucet the sun is shining
sol non lucet the sun is not shining
calidum est it is hot
frigidum est it is cold
pluit it is raining
nubilosum est it is foggy
tempestas weather
there are two types of languages from indo-european. what are they? germanic, latin
latin is cognate with what language? anglo-saxon
what 4 languages came from the germanic language? scandinavian [dutch came from that], german, anglo-saxon [english comes from this language which was cognate with latin]
what languages came from the latin language? known as romance languages, romanian, portugese, french, spanish, italian
what are the 3 types of english? old english, middle english, english
audite! listen
tacete! stop talking!
spectate! watch
heus! hello
salvete, discipuli! good morning students
salve magistra/magister! good morning teacher
adsum! present
ubi est verginia? where is virginia
abest; aeger est s/he is absent
conside! sit down
surge! stand up
aperite libros! open your books
claudite libros! close your books
ponite libros! lay aside your books
lege/legite anglice/latine! read in english/latin
verte/vertite anglice/latine! change to english/latin
scribe/scribite in tabula write on the board
sumite chartam et stilos! take paper and pencils
chartas vestras mihi date! give me your papers
salve! and vale! hello and goodbye
what is the 1st declension nom. sing.? -a
what is the 1st declension gen. sing.? -ae
what is the 1st declension dat. sing.? -ae
what is the 1st declension acc. sing.? -am
what is the 1st declension abl. sing.? -a [with long mark]
what is the 1st declension nom. pl.? -ae
what is the 1st declension gen. pl.? -arum
what is the 1st declension dat. pl.? -is
what is the 1st declension acc. pl.? -as
what is the 1st declension abl. pl? -is
what is 2nd declension m. nom. sing.? -us; -r
what is the 2nd declension m. gen. sing.? -i
what is the 2nd declension m. dat. sing.? -o
what is the 2nd declension m. acc. sing.? -um
what is the 2nd declension m. abl. sing.? -o
what is the 2nd declension m. nom. pl.? -i
what is the 2nd declension m. gen. pl.? -orum
what is the 2nd declension m. dat. pl.? -is
what is the 2nd declension m. acc. pl.? -os
what is the 2nd declension m. abl. pl.? -is
what is the 2nd decl. n. nom. sing.? -um
what is the 2nd decl. n. gen. sing.? -i
what is the 2nd decl. n. dat. sing.? -o
what is the 2nd decl. n. acc. sing.? -um
what is the 2nd decl. n. abl. sing.? -o
what is the 2nd decl. n. nom. pl.? -a
what is the 2nd decl. n. gen. pl.? -orum
what is the 2nd decl. n. dat. pl.? -is
what is the 2nd decl. n. acc. pl.? -a
what is the 2nd decl. n. abl. pl.? -is
what is the 3rd decl. m/f nom. sing.? -----
what is the 3rd decl. m/f gen. sing.? -is
what is the 3rd decl. m/f dat. sing.? -is
what is the 3rd decl. m/f acc. sing.? -em
what is the 3rd decl. m/f abl. sing.? -e
what is the 3rd decl. m/f nom. pl.? -es
what is the 3rd decl. m/f gen. pl.? -um
what is the 3rd decl. m/f dat. pl.? -ibus
what is the 3rd decl. m/f acc. pl.? -es
what is the 3rd decl. m/f abl. pl.? -ibus
what is the 3rd decl. n. nom. sing.? -----
what is the 3rd decl. n. gen. sing.? -is
what is the 3rd decl. n. dat. sing.? -i
what is the 3rd decl. n. acc. sing.? -----
what is the 3rd decl. n. abl. sing.? -e
what is the 3rd decl. n. nom. pl.? -a
what is the 3rd decl. n. gen. pl.? -um
what is the 3rd decl. n. dat. pl.? -ibus
what is the 3rd decl. n. acc. pl.? -a
what is the 3rd decl. n. acc. pl.? -ibus
who are aeneas' parents? venus and anchises
what is aeneas' son named? ascanius
who was king numitor's daughter? rhea silva
was king numitor a good king? yes
was amulius a good person? no
sinister left
quid nomen sibus? what is your name?
what are the 3 genders? masculine, feminine, neuter
how are v's pronounced? as w's
how are j's spelled? as i's
sua her own
nulli no
ianitor doorkeepor
ad ianuam at the door
tacite silently
temptat he/she tries
semisomna half asleep
hic here
noli...excitare don't wake....up!
mecum with me
misera unhappy
nobis for us
discedere to go away
tuus your
vos omnes all of you
simul together
nescio I do not know
secunda hora at the second hour
lacrimat (he/she) weeps
o me miseram! poor me
promittis you promise
complexu in an embrace
abit (he/she) goes away
festinat (he/she) hurries
alii...alii... some...others...
stylus pen
liberi children
gerere solent they are accustomed to wearing; usually wear
stat (he/she) stands
via road
scelestus wicked
cras tomorrow
incitat (he/she) spurs on; urges on
raeda carriage
servus quidam a certain slave
iacit (he/she) throws
paratus ready
equus horse
raedarius coachman
eo ipso tempore at that very moment
manumissio process in which masters give slaves their freedom
libertus free slave
pilleus felt cap worn by free slaves
Via Appia the Appian Way
se celare to hide
illa nocte that night
absum, abesse to be away
quamquam although
musso, mussare to mutter
id quod that which; what
uxor... uxoris, f, wife
numerus... -i, m, number
parens... parentis, m/f, parent
vinea... -ae, f, vineyard
fossa... -ae, f, ditch
olfacio... olfacere- to catch the scent of
latro... latrare, to bark
immobilis motionless
tunica by the tunic
in fronte litteras inurere to brand the letters on his forehead
quocum...? or quibuscum...? with whom...?
unde...? from where....?
sub arboribus under the trees
cum patre with his/her father
cum amicis with his/her friends
septima hora at the seventh hour
tribus diebus in three days
fluvius... -i, m, river
Tiberis m, the tiver river
pastor... -is, m, sheperd
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