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Stage 38

Aptus, Apta, Aptum Suitable
Bracchium, Bracchii Arm
Certus, Certa, Certum Certain, Infallible
--pro certo habere know for certain
Clam Secretly, In Private
Commendo, Commendare, Commendavi, Commendatum Recommend
Confectus, Confecta, Confectum Worn Out, Exhausted, Overcome
Dextra, Dextrae Right Hand
Eripio, Eripere, Eripui, Ereptum Rescue, Snatch Away
Familia, Familiae Household
Gratus, Grata, Gratum Acceptable, Pleasing
Ignoro, Ignorare, Ignoravi, Ignoratum Not Know About
Intra Inside
Iungo, Iungere, Iunxi, Iunctum Join
Lex, Legis Law
Limen, Liminis Threshold, Doorway
Mens, Mentis Mind
Nubo, Nubere, Nupsi, Nuptum Marry
Orior, Oriri, Ortus Sum Rise, Arise
Polliceor, Polliceri, Pollicitus Sum Promise
Pontifex, Pontificis Priest
Prohibeo, Prohibere, Prohibui, Prohibitum Prevent
Queror, Queri, Questus Sum Lament, Complain About
Rego, Regere, Rexi, Rectum Rule
Trans Across
Unguo, Unguere, Unxi, Unctum Anoint, Smear
Vereor, Vereri, Veritus Sum Be Afraid, Fear
Vero Indeed
Vestis, Vestis Clothing
Created by: alexandriareed