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Sound and Light 323

science sound and light study guide 1 test date: January 17, 2013

reflected sound waves (bounce back to you) ECHO
frequencies too high for the human ear ULTRASONIC
Number of vibrations in a given amount of time FREQUENCY
how you percieve frequency of sound vibrations PITCH
loudness or softness of a sound VOLUME
navigating device using echoes of ultrasonic sound SONAR
How did you make the rubber band instrument in the Band Sounds activity have a low pitched sound, How did you make it have a high pitched sound? PITCH can be high if the object being vibrated is tight. It can be low if the object is loose.
What is the difference between pitch and volume? The difference between PITCH and VOLUME is PITCH is how high or low a sound is, and VOLUME is how loud or soft a sound is.
If you were playing a guitar and wanted to make it sound louder, what would you do? To play a guitar more loudly, you would have to use more energy and pluck the strings harder.
If something vibrates slowly would it have a high pitch or a low pitch? It would have a low pitch.
What types of things absorb sound in a room? Things that absorb sound in a room are carpeting, or soft furniture.
What two things would you need to make a soft, high pitched sound? The two things you would need to do to make a soft, high pitched sound with a rubber band is to keep it tight and pluck it lightly. The tightness would make the high pitch and the low use of energy when you pluck would make the sound soft.
Created by: emily323