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DZ GEO Unit 7

led Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia Vaclav Havel
leader of Soviet Union who pushed space program and nuclear weapons Nikita Khruschev
led solidarity movement in Poland Lech Walesa
wrote Communist Manifesto Karl Marx
brutal dictator who established socialism in U.S.S.R. Joseph Stalin
Led U.S.S.R. in 1980s; sought change Mikhail Gorbachev
built better relationship between U.S. and Russia after fall of communism Vladimir Putin
leader of 1917 Russian Revolution Vladimir Lenin
1st elected President of Russia Boris Yeltsin
broke non-aggression pact during WWII Adolf Hitler
mass killing of 6 million Jews and other peoples during World War II Holocaust
dominant religion in Poland today Roman Catholic (Jews were killed in Holocaust)
independent Polish workers' union that pushed for economic and social change in Poland solidarity
capital of Czech Republic Prague
revolution without bloodshed Velvet Revolution
selling government owned industries and businesses to private owners who run them more efficiently privatization
workers paid by government to share products collective farms
original settlers of Hungary Magyars
go-getter individuals who start and build small businesses entrepreneurs
the effect and industry has in creating jobs for an economy multiplier effect
this country welcomed Soviet rule after WWII Bulgaria
Italian and Greek manufacturers will help this country due to investments Albania
2nd most turbulent (violent) area in world Balkans
3 Baltic States Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania
capital of Ukraine Kiev
"Little Russia" Ukraine
worst environmental disaster in world history; happened in Ukraine in 1986 Chernobyl
"breadbasket" of Europe Ukraine
a layer of permanently frozen soil permafrost
examples of Russia's natural resources gold, timber, silver, oil
Covers more than 5,000 miles from Moscow to Sea of Japan Great Trans-Siberian Railway
central authority decides what good will be produced command economy
production of goods that are used in other industries such as machines and steel heavy industry
capital of Russia Moscow
2nd biggest city in Russia St. Petersburg
system of social organization where government owns means of producing goods and controls economy socialism
policy of Soviet Union to release (or not release) info to public glasnost
12/21/1991 date Communism fell in Soviet Union
examples of Nazi concentration camps Krakow, Auschwitz, Dakku
Created by: dougzerjal