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Science Quarterly Review

The independent variable is the variable that you_____________. change
What is the dependent variable? Variable that you measure
What kind of energy would you be using if you were trying to open a jar of jelly? mechanical
If an energy resource is renewable, it can be…. reused or replenished
What kind of energy is being described? A ball being thrown to first base. kinetic
A nuclear power plant is an example of a _______________ resource. non-renewable
What is the name of a scientist that studies weather? meteorologist
Describe evaporation. when water molecules from liquid water escape into the air as water vapor
What type of instrument measures air pressure? a barometer
What instrument do meteorologists use to help them with their weather forecasting? satellites
What is precipitation? any form of water that falls from the clouds and reaches Earth's surface.
What is a psychrometer? an instrument to measure humidity
What is electromagnetic energy? energy that travels in waves.... light energy
The Law of Conservation of Energy says….. Energy cannot be _________ or ___________. It can only ___________ from one form to another. created, destroyed, change
Name a good conductor of heat. metal
What kind of power could you use water for? hydroelectric
What happens to the particles as they move from a liquid to a solid phase? They move closer together
How were fossil fuels formed? from dead plants and animals
What does it mean is the barometer reading begins to decrease? a storm is coming
What is a front? a boundary line between 2 air masses
What instruments could you use to measure wind? a wind/weather vane and an anemometer
What causes winds? differences in air pressure
What is climate? weather in a certain area over a long period of time
What is nuclear energy? potential energy stored in the nucleus of an atom
Renewable resources are….. resources that can be re-used or replaced in the future
A material that does not easily transfer heat between its particles an insulator
Metals are an example of…… conductors
The total energy of the particles in an object (heat energy) thermal energy
What is the name of the substance that can be produced by melting? liquid
Nitrogen and Oxygen are….. the two most abundant gases in the atmosphere
Created by: mrs.verano