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Latin 2-3 idioms

idioms to learn for the NLE

a dextro to the right
a sinistro to the left
mile passus a mile
milia passum miles
multa nocte late at night
ne….. quidem not even
non iam no longer
non modo…. sed etiam not only…. but also
non nulli some
non numquam sometimes
prima luce at dawn
qua de causa for this reason
quam celerrime as quickly as possible
quam primum as soon as possible
res gestae deed, achievements
res publica government, state
simul atque as soon as
ac as soon as
gratiam habere to feel grateful
in amimo habere to intend
pedibus ire to go on foot, walk
memoria tenere to remember
causam dicere to plead a case
bellum ducere to prolong the war
in matrimonum ducere to marry
iter facere to march
inter se dare to exchange
consilium capere to form a plan
vitam agrere to live a life
gratias agree to thank
Created by: judithcampbell