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DDE Energy

Energy and Organisms

all organisms such as plants, animals, protists go through this process to break down their food in order to use it for energy cellular respiration
organisms need more or less of this depending on the circumstances at a particular moment energy
organisms need energy for tasks such as reproduction, growth, hunting, and sleeping in order to do this live
where organisms obtain energy food
bacteria reproducing, a bird building a nest, yeast eating sugar examples of organisms using energy
organisms that have chloroplasts(plants, protists, and bacteria) go through this process to make their own food photosynthesis
in order to go through cellular respiration, organisms need these things in their body oxygen and glucose
in order to go through photosynthesis, organisms need these things in their body along with light energy from the sun water and carbon dioxide
glucose and oxygen that help start the process of cellular respiration are the products of this photosynthesis
the products of cellular respiration carbon dioxide, water, and energy
the products of photosynthesis glucose and oxygen
if an organism is without this, they will have no energy and will be unable to live food
These two processes are dependent on one another; if one process doesn't happen than the other will not happen cellular respiration and photosynthesis
moss, grass, and aloe vera are all autotrophs (make their own food) which makes them... producers
insects, moles, and vultures are examples of... consumers
these organisms collect the sun's energy in order to photosynthesize producers
these organisms get energy by eating producers and other consumers consumers
the role of this organism is to break down dead organisms and return raw materials back to the environment decomposers
the role of this organism is to recycle raw materials back into the ecosystem so the energy continues to be transferred from organism to organism decomposers
this level of organisms depends on photosynthesis to get energy into the ecosystem producer
these levels of organisms go through cellular respiration in order to keep the energy cycling in the ecosystem producer, consumer, decomposer
these levels of organisms are part of the creation of oil and all the products made from oil producer, consumer, decomposer
the amount of energy from this level organism limits the number of consumers the ecosystem can support producer
according to the energy pyramid,this level has the fewest number of organisms within the ecosystem 3rd level consumer
according to the energy pyramid, this level has the most energy producer
Created by: pshelly