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Latin Vocab page 43


percutio to strike
haurio to drain
fio, fieri, factus sum to become
praefero to carry
conor to try
moror to stay
vereor to fear
collabor to collapse
colloquor to converse
loquor to talk
consequor to overtake
proficiscor to leave
sequor to follow
egredior to leave
ingredior to enter
regredior to go back
experior to try
bene well
melius better
optimus best
breviter briefly
brevius more briefly
brevissime most briefly
celeriter quickly
celerius more quickly
celerrime most quickly
certe certainly
certius more certainly
contra in return
cotidie daily
diu a long time
diutius longer
diutissime longest
facile easily
feliciter happily
fortiter bravely
huc here
laete happily
libenter gladly
longe far
magnopere greatly
male badly
multum much
plus more
plurimum most
nimis too much
paulatim little by little
paulum little
minus less
minime least
pridie the day before
prudenter wisely
quam than
Quam...! how...!
recte right
rursus again
saepe often
sero late
etamsi even if
-que and
seu if
-ve or
ne... quidem not even
quo... eo.... the.... the...
sis please
Created by: redsox02