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capter 10 plate tect


what does lithosphere mean? the crust and upper mantle make up the earth
what does plate tectonics mean? a theory that combined sea spreading and continental drift
what does continental drift? a hypothesis that says that continents have moved slowly to their current location
what direction does the convergent boundary go? goes together
what direction does the divergent boundary go? away from each other
what direction does the tranform boundary go? slides next together
what are the 2 type of crust? oceanic and continnental
what is an example for divergent boundary-oceanic? mid-atlantic ridge
what is an example for divergent boundary-continental? east africa rift valley
what is an effects for divergent boundary-continental? a lot of normal faults, shallow earthquakes, volcanoes
what is an effects for divergent boundary-oceanic? more seafloor spreading, shallow earthquake, volcanoes
what is an example for convergent boundary- oceanic/continental? Washington Orgen coast linE
what is an effects for convergent boundary- oceanic/continental? trench, volcanoes, destruction of crust
what is an example for convergent boundary-oceanic/oceanic? japan, Aloutian island
what is an effects for convergent boundary-oceanic/oceanic? earthquakes, trench, chain of volcanoes island,
what is an example for convergent boundary-continental/continental? himalayaya mountain
what is an effects for convergent boundary-continental/continental? shallow earthquakes, mountain ranges, floundin and faulting
what does asthenosphere means? the plasticlike layer below the lithosphere
what does convection currents mean? A cycle of heating, rising, cooling, and sinking
who came up with the idea of seafloor spreading? harry hess
who came up with the idea of continental drift? Alfred Wegner
what a subduction zone? a place were the less dense oceanic plate sinks down under oceanic or continental plate
what happens when 2 continental plates collide? they form mountain ranges
what causes hot, plasticlike rock in the asthenoshere rise to the surface? density
what fossil plant that helps support the theory of continental drift? glossopeteris
Created by: judithrothell59