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20 Science Vocab

Air Pressure Gases that press down on earth
Stratocumulus Clouds Low lumpy layers of clouds
El Nino A warming of surface water of eastern and central pacifical
Alberta Clipper A snow storm from canada's plains
La Nina usually cooler water temperatures in the equatorial pacific ocean
Cirrostratus clouds thin uniform layer of cloud at high altitude
Doppler radar track weather in different places
cumulus cloud towering vertical cloud
hydrosphere the water surrounding the surface of the earth
cirrocumulus clouds a patch of cloud made up of high altitude cloud-lets
thermometer a device that measures the temperature
fujita scale measures the intensity of a tornado
absolute humidity the water content of air
isobar an imaginary line or a line on a map or chart connecting barometric pressure
blizzard storm w/ dry, driving snow, strong winds, intense that cover a long area
windward/leeward the side of an island that faces north/east and is lush green
acid rain precipitation with an unusually high percentage of sulfuric and nitric acids
debris cloud a rotating cloud of dust near or on the ground surrounding the bottom of a tornado
ionosphere a region in earth's atmosphere where ionization effects transmits water
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