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List three examples of how an animal adapts to survive in a cold climate? having white fur (blends in with snow), hibernating during winter, taking food from other animals when food is scarce
What are the five senses? taste, touch, smell, hear, sight
List some ways that animals locate their prey smelling, infrared vision, sound waves
List three ways humans are HELPFUL to the environment recycling, using hybrid cars, turn off the water
List three ways humans are HARMFUL to the environment littering, pollution, forest fires
List what organisms change their environment and how they do it 1. people-by littering 2. lovusts-by eating plants leaving no food for other animals 3. gators-making gator holes which can help animals survive during drought
Give an example of a living thing competing for resources an animal against another competing for the last food
Pick two animals and explain how they each use their senses to help them survive in their environment 1. zebra-to hear to start running away from prey 2. whate-to search for food
What would most likely happen to plants and animals if there was change in the ecosystem plants and animals will adapt or change their behaviors
how do worms change their environment worms dig holes in the ground and they also break down dead things
Created by: jaimevc99