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Act 25-50


Dependent Variable result or change that occurs due to the part of an experiment being tested(positioned on the vertical y-axis)
Diminish to make smaller or less; decrease in size
Direct Relationship the connection between two variables that show the same effect (i.e., both increase or both decrease)
Effective producing or able to produce a desired condition
Estimation forming a calculation based on incomplete data
Ethical following accepted rules of behavior
Evaluation the result of a finding; estimating the value of something
Evidence that which serves to prove or disprove something
Examine to look at or check carefully
Expectation the extent of a chance that something will occur
Experiment a test made to find something out
Experimental design the plan for a controlled experiment
Experimental group the experimental part in which all conditions are kept the same except for the condition being tested.
Explanation a statement that makes something clear
Extrapolation estimating a value for one characteristic that is beyond the range of a given value of another characteristic
Figure a picture that explains
Fundamental a basic part
Generalization Something given as a broad statement or conclusion
Hypothesis testable explanation of a question or problem
Illustrate to make clear by using examples
Imply to suggest rather than to say plainly
Inconsistent not in agreement
Incorporate to join or unite closely into a single body
Independent variable in a controlled experiment, the variable that is being changed(positioned on the horizontal x-axis)
Indication `the act of pointing out or pointing to something
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