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Med term

Chapter 7

Aer/o Air
Alveol/o Alveolus
Anthorac/o Coal
Atel/o Incomplete
Coni/o Dust
Cortic/o Outer region
Diaphragmat/o Diaphragm
Fibr/o Fibers
Hist/o Tissue
Lob/o Lobe
Muc/o Mucus
Nas/o Nose
Ox/I Oxygen
Cyst/o Bladder
Pleur/o Pleura
Pneum/o Air
Pulmon/o Lung
Somn/o Sleep
Tuss/o Cough
Spiro/o Breathing
-capnia Carbon dioxide
-ecstasis Dialation
-emia Blood condition
-ism State of
-phonia Voice
-plasm Formation
-osmia Smell
-plegia Paralysis
-pnea Breathing
-ptysis Spitting
-rrhea Discharge
-spasm Involuntary muscle spasm
-thorax Chest
Pertaining to alveoli Alveolar
Pertaining to bronchus Bronchial
Pertaining to bronchiole Bronchiolar
Diaphragmatic Pertaining to diaphragm
Pertaining to pleura Pleural
Pertaining to septum Septal
Pertaining to trachea Tracheal
Anosmia Without smell
Anoxia Without oxygen
Aphonia Without voice
Asphyxia Without oxygen, suffocation
Bronchiectasis Dilated bronchus
Dysphonia Abnormal voice
Epistaxis Nose bleed
Hypercapnia Excessive carbon dioxide
Hypoxemia Too much oxygen in the blood
Hypoxia Insufficient oxygen
Rhinorrhagia Rapid flow from nose
Tachypnea Fast breathing
Tracheostenosis Narrowing of trachea
Rhinomycosis Fungas in the nose
Bronchiecstasis Dilation of bronchus
Anthracosis Abnormal condition of coal, miners lung
Atelectasis Incomplete dilation
Histoplasmosis Abnormal condition of tissue formation
Pneumoconiosis Abnormal condition of dust and lung
Pneumothorax Air in chest
Created by: Any wadsworth