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Science(Photosynthesis and plant responses)

what is photosynthesis? The way in which green plants make food
Photosynthesis transfers light energy into ? Chemical energy
What are the factors needed for photosynthesis? Carbon dioxide,water,light and chlorophyll
What are stomata? Tiny openings in leaves in which carbon dioxide pass in through
What is chlorophyll? A green dye or pigament produced by plants
What are the products of photosynthesis? Gluscose(The food made by a plant) Oxygen(The gas made by photosynthesis)
What experiment would a person have to carry out to show that starch is made by a plant in photosynthesis? A plant would be placed nt the dark for 2 days. Soem of the leaves would then be covered with aluminium foil. The plant would then be placed in stong light for a few hours. Then you would test the leaves for starch?
During the experiment in the previous question,why was the plant in the dark for two days? It was in the dark for two days because this allows all the starch to be used up so the plant then becomes de-starched
Why did we cover some of the leaves in aluminium foil? Aluminium foil blocks out lights and prevents phtosynthesis
Why was the plant then placed in light for a few hours? This allowed photosynthesis to take place
How would a person test leaves for starch The green leaves would be placed into boiling water to kill and soften the leaves. They would then be placed in hot alcohol to remove chlorophyll. They would then re-softened to removed alochol. Iodine would be adde to the covered and undercovered leaves
What would be the result for the previous experiment? Thee uncovered leaves turned blue black indication starch was present. The covered leaves turned red-yellow indicating starch was not present
Waht is a tropisim? The change in growthof a plant in response to an outside stiulus
what is geotropisim? The change in growth of a plant in response to gravity
Created by: Chimozukee