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Midterm Review B

Review for midterm Part B

the idea that older rocks lie beneath younger rocks Principle of Superposition
a fossil that lived during one geologic time period index fossil
fracture or crack in the earth's crust fault
the measure of the time it takes for one half of a radioactive substance to decay half-life
Name 3 things used to create the geologic time scale rocks, fossils, and ice cores
rocks formed from the cooling of magma and lava igneous
What does radioactive dating tell you? absolute age of rocks & fossils
best method to date human remains Carbon-14
the removal and movement of sediment from one place to another erosion
rocks formed from heat and pressure metamorphic
The fact that S. America and Africa appear to fit together like puzzle pieces supports the idea of __ continental drift (plate tectonics)
What do ice cores allow scientists to do? study the Earth's past climate
the laying down of sediment by a river will form ___ rock sedimentary
produced when plates collide mountains
Which element is found in all living things? Carbon
Name at least one condition necessary for fossils to form. quick burial or the presence of hard parts
process that occurs to allow magma/lava to form igneous rock cooling
Which type of elements are good conductors of heat? metals
What type of change is represented by boiling, freezing, and melting? physical change
calculating the age of rocks according to their position relative dating
What type of element is most likely to react with a metal? nonmetal
group of elements with a full outer shell noble gases
elements found along the zig-zag line on the periodic table metalloids
used to show a chemical reaction chemical equation
On which side of the periodic table will you find the metals? left
A ship floating on the ocean demonstrates the property of ___. density
A change in which the identity of the matter is changed and a new substance is formed. chemical change
What is added to a chemical equation to balance it? coefficients
the ingredients in a chemical reaction reactants
the substance(s) formed during a chemical reaction product
the number of protons plus the number of neutrons atomic mass
largest group of metals - they have a wide variety of properties transition metals
chemical shorthand for a molecule or compound formula
Created by: anita.parker