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Midterm Review A

Review for midterm Part A

Law that states that the mass before a reaction will equal the mass after the reaction Conservation of Mass
Method used to separate sand and water filtering
Method used to separate salt and water Evaporation
A property that helps to identify a substance but does not change the matter physical property
an experiment in which nothing is allowed to enter or leave closed system
The group of elements which do not react with other elements noble gases
Where are metals found on the periodic table? left side
a solid formed from the combining of 2 clear liquids precipitate
How many elements are in KOH? Three
the number written below and behind a symbol to show the number of atoms subscript
property that can be determined by looking at the periodic table chemical reactivity
a combination of 2 or more substances not chemically combined mixture
How is the periodic table arranged? atomic number
What kind of charge will an ion have if it gains electrons? negative
If a gas escapes during a chemical reaction, the reaction is considered a(n) ___ system. open
two or more elements chemically combined compound
family of most active metals alkali
the substance being dissolved solute
the substance doing the dissolving solvent
If an atom loses electrons, it will have a ___ charge. positive
the ability of a substance to be hammered into thin sheets malleability
matter that has no shape and does not take up a definite amount of space gas
a substance composed of only one kind of atom element
the smallest particle of matter atom
group in the periodic table that contains elements used in computer chips metalloids
the amount of heat needed to change the temperature of a substance 1 degree specific heat
the ability of a substance to conduct heat thermal conductivity
state of matter that has a definite shape and takes up a definite amount of space solid
ability of a substance to be pulled into a wire ductility
group of elements that are brittle, can be many colors, not shiny and poor conductors of heat and electricity nonmetals
positive particle found in the nucleus of an atom proton
negative particle that orbits the nucleus of an atom electron
particle in the nucleus of an atom with no charge neutron
state of matter that has no shape but takes up a definite amount of space liquid
Created by: anita.parker