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Med term

Capture 6

Agglutin/o Clumping
Chrom/o Color
Coagul/o Clotting
Fus/o Pouring
Granul/o Granules
Morph/o Shape
Neutr/o Neutral
Phag/o Eat, swallow
Sanguin/o Blood
Septic/o Infection
-apheresis Removal, carry away
-crit Separation of
-cytosis More then the number of cells
-globin Protein
-penia Abnormal decrease
-phil Attracted to
-poiesis Formation
-stasis Standing still
Coagulate Clotting
Hematoma Swelling of blood
Oma Swelling
Hemophilia Attracted to blood condition
Pancytopenia All,cell,too few....to few of all cells
Septicemia Infection of the blood
Anemia Without blood
Erythrocytosis More then normal red blood cells
Erythropenia Not enough red blood cells
Hematocrit Separation of blood
Hemoglobin Blood protein
Phlebotomy Cutting into a vein
Adenoid/o Adenoids
Immun/o Protection
Inguin/o Groin region
Lymphaden/o Lymph node
Lymphangi/o Lymph vessel
Nucle/o Nucleus
Thym/o Thymus gland
Tox/o Poison
-edema Swelling
-globulin Protein
Pneumon/o Lung
Pertaining to the groin Inguinal
Lymphangial Pertaining to the lymph vessel
Lymphatic Pertaining to the lymph
Splenic Pertaining to the spleen
Thymic Pertaining to the Thymus gland
Immunology Study of protection
Lymphedema Swelling of the lymph
Lymphadenitis Inflammation of the lymph node
Lymphangioma Tumor in the lymph vessel
Thymoma Tumor of the thymus gland
Created by: Any wadsworth