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Latin Mid term

Latin Vocabulary

puella girl
nomine by name
quae who
habitat he/she lives, is living, does live
etiam also
villa country house
villa rustica country house and farm
ubi where
aestate in summers
laeta happy
quod because
iam now
sub arbore under the tree
sedet he/she sits, is sitting, does sit
et and
legit he/she reads, is reading, does read
altera a second
vicina neighboring
dum while
scribit he/she writes, is writing, does write
quoque also
sunt they are
amicae friends
hodie today
sed but
in agris in the fields
ambulant they walk, are walking. do walk
brevi tempore in a short time
defessa tired
no longer non iam
active, energetic strenua
he/she runs, is running, does run currit
tandem at last
from/out of the fields ex agris
to/toward the country house and farm ad villam rusticam
lente slowly
boy puer
who qui
eadem the same
in the garden in horto
they shout, are shouting clamant
they laugh, are laughing rident
vir man
slave servus
many multi
in villis rusticis in country houses
they work, are working laborant
alone solus
angry iratus
subito suddenly
in piscinam into the fish pond
cadit hes/she/it falls
Go away, you pest Abite molesti
Gemit to groan
minime no
ita vero yes
molestus troublesome annoying
semper always
he/she annoys vexat
therefore igitur
he/she likes amat
dormit hes/she sleeps
he/she catches sight of conscipit
stealthily furtim
he/she approaches appropinquat
ascendit he/she climbs
magnus great, big
audit he/she hears
videt he/she hears
vox voice
terret he/she frightens
anxious sollicita
at that moment tum
descende Sexte come down sextus
tu you(Subject)
nihil nothing
te you(direct object)
cave be careful
ramus branch
weak, shaky infirmus
fragor crash, noise
si if
dies day
calidus warm
in silvam into the woods
there ibi
rivus stream
frigidus cold
errant they wander
prope near
vult he/she wishes
ignavus cowardly
respondet he/she replies
neque...neque neither...nor
temerarius rash reckless
wolf lupus
frightened perterritus
immediately statim
Ferte auxilium Bring Help! Help!
ubi where
clamor shout, shouting
ad puellas toard the girls
eos them
eum him
petit he/she looks for
he/she grabs hold of arripit
repellit he/she drives off
esilva out of the woods
sage salvae
they reach adveniunt
welcome excipiunt
adhuc still
timet he/she it fears
nondum not yet
lucet it is light
surgit she/he gets up
per villam through the country house
pater father
mater mother
tament however
ancilla slave-woman
omnes all
observat he/she wathces
purgat he/she cleans
cibus food
coquere to cook
mox soon, presently
strenue strenuously
aqua water
portant they carry
reprehendit she/he blames
docet she/he teaches
curare to look after
lanam trahunt they spin wool
omnia quae everything that
adiuvare to help
ipsa she herself
nunc now
necesse est it is necessary
occupatus busy
laborantes working
spectant they watch
nuntius messenger
venit he/she comes
salutat he/she greets
salve Greetings! Hello!
inquit says
meus my
ducit she/he leads
tradit he/she hands over
Eheu Alas
princeps emperor
ad urbem to the city
rovocat he/she recalls
consulere to return
Eugepae Hurray
ire to go
contra Graecoes against the Greeks
decem annos for ten years
obsident they besieged
per doleum through a trick
nocte at night
intrant they enter
capiunt They capture
necant they kill
effugere to flee
novus new(novice)
ab urbe rom the city
navigare to sail
senem old man
Aeneae of Aeneas
deos familiares household gods
dei The gods
servant they protect
parvus small
filius son
manum hand
tenet he.she holds
valde very much
relinquit he/she leaves
ubique everywhere
frustra in vain
habent they have
sevare to save
possum I am able
iam now
Age!/ Agite! come on
vos you(plural)
nos we
excitare to rouse
intrat he/she enters
cubiculum room, bedroome
tempu time
deinde then, next
celeriter quickly
induit he/she puts on
iterum again, second time
mihi for me
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