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Colonial Period

Kirkland Exam Review

genre a type of writing
tone the way the author feels about his subject
victual food
famished extremely hungry
omnipotent all powerful
repose rest
boon close
cumbersome difficult to handle
sundry various
antipodes opposites
pallisades stakes used to make fence posts
mollify to soften
victualed supplied with food
chide scold
peril danger
planters used what writing element that puritans did not humor
1st book published in colonies Bay of Psalms Book
whose printing press was the first book published and when Stephen Daye, 1640
Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas Becket
best friend of archbishop King Henry II
the trouble between the archbishop and best friend Henry wanted control
1st American poet Anne Bradstreet
who was a special instrument of God and why Squanto, he knew English and helped teach Europeans agriculture
governor of Mass. Bay Colony John Winthrop
best of Puritan poets John Smith
2 healthy people among Mayflower colonist Reverend & Captain
theocracy government ruled by church
how many people were on the Mayflower? 100 people
predominant genre of Colonial Period journal/diary
2 differences between Puritans and pilgrims Puritans= members of Church of England & wanted to purify it; made theocracy Pilgrims= separated from the church; wanted church and state separate
Puritans & Planters contrasted 4 ways Puritans= small homes; Mass Bay Colony; wanted to purify church; material possessions were a hindrance to faith Planters = large plantations; Virginia; contempt with church; sophisticated way of life with material possessions
Pocahontas symbolizes who? Native Americans
John Smith symbolizes who? colonists
Rescue symbolizes who? the ability to get along with one another
3 basic beliefs of Puritans simplicity, grace, divine mission
3 reasons puritans used simple language easy for all to understand, suited way of life, bible/god spoke simply and they couldn't make it any more simple
John Smith's writing gave glory to himself; contained no religious content
William Bradford's writing gave glory to God; contained religious contentq
writing that contained a providential view of history Edward's sermon >> he told about God's feelings toward man
3 genres we studied during this Colonial Period unit journal/diary, histories,hymns
From Edwards Sermon: people were compared to: chaff on summer's threshing floor, spider hanging over fire just like how God is keeping us from falling in pit of hell
From Edwards Sermon: God's anger was compared to: furnace, bow and a pulled back arrow
3 things slave narratives include unendurable suffering, attempt to escape, human cruelty
define simile & give example comparison of 2 things using "like" or "as" ex. God's anger LIKE a burning furnace.
define metaphor & give example comparison of 2 things using "is" ex. God's anger IS raging waters.
define allusion & give example reference to something author assumes the reader knows ex. Canterbury Tales/Bible
define archaic word & give example old and out of date word ex. thy, thee
define ambivalence & give example having contradicting feeling toward something. ex. John Smith thought Native Americans were helpful and savages
define lyric poem & give example writer expresses emotions ex. Anne Bradstreet & her sadness with the fire
define epithet & give example nickname, detailed description ex. Squanto - special instrument of God
conceit in Huswifery broken down: wool --> yarn= knowledge of scripture
conceit in Huswifery broken down: yarn --> cloth= sacraments
conceit in Huswifery broken down: garment is made= grace is received
tone of Edward's sermon vs. the tone of Bradford's writing Edward's = fearful; passionate Bradford's = thankful; grateful
From Edwards Sermon: the people's wickedness compared to: lead
From Edwards Sermon: the people's righteousness compared to: spiders web
define conceit & give example comparison of 2 things that are very differet and are developed through the whole thing (extended metaphor) ex. the way flies get caught is the way hell catches man
Persuasive elements and how they apply to Jonathan Edwards' the speaker, the occasion, the audience, the means of persuasion
application to "the speaker" persuasive element (Jonathan Edwards) Edwards was a qualified Puritan minister
application to "the occasion" persuasive element (Jonathan Edwards) it was a sermon given during the time of the Great Awakening, a religious revival in the colonies
application to "the audience" persuasive element (Jonathan Edwards) sinful puritans (very guilty and relatable for what he's preaching)
application to "the means of persuasion" persuasive element (Jonathan Edwards) uses fear, hope and figurative language to emphasize his ideas/feelings
overall conceit in "Huswifery" compares how a woman makes clothes for her family to God's grace for the Puritans
Compare Anne Bradstreet's writing with Edward Taylor's both wrote about God and glorified him; both puritans
Contrast Anne Bradstreet's writing with Edward Taylor's Anne- archaic words; wrote about life after death Edward- conceit; wrote about sinners compared to strong Christians and gods grace
define a Canterbury tale & give example tall, exaggerated tale ex. man who used louse and paper to make compass
define inversion & give example reverse of the normal order of words ex. let no man know is my desire ex 2. my sorrowing eyes aside did lust
Created by: restanbro
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