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Latin II Vocab

ā, ab by
ascendō to climb, rise
circum around
dūrus harsh, hard
fōns, fontis fountain, spring
hōra hour
morbus illness
occupātus busy
plenus full
sapiens wise
adiuvo to help
barbarus barbarian
confido to trust
efficio to carry out, accomplish
gravis heavy, serious
infelix unlucky
nonulli some, several
oppidum town
plus more
suscipio to undertake, take on
annus year
celo to hide
deicio to throw down
extraho to pull out
haruspex soothsayer
iubeo to order
nuper recently
peritus skillful
pretium price
unde from where
adeptus having received
amor love
aureus golden
avide eagerly
caelum sky
decipio deceive, trick
dirus hard, harsh
dissentio disagree
eligo to choose
exitium ruin, destruction
fundo to pour
hostis enemy
iacto to throw
incipio to begin
ingressus having entered
inicio to throw in
lacrima tear
minimus very little, least
molestus troublesome, annoying
moneo to warn, advise
parco to spare
precatus having prayed to
prudentia good sense
quantus how big
quo modo? how?
tardus late
tutus safe
verbum word
virtus courage
vito to avoid
administro to manage
clarus famous
erro to make a mistake
honor honor
ingenium character
mandatum instruction, order
orno to decorate
potens powerful
scio to know
venenum poison
cedo to give in, give way
conspicatus having caught sight
gero to wear
iacio to throw
locutus having spoken
modus way, manner, kind
pareo to obey
regressus having returned
talis such
venia mercy
auctoritas authority
colloquium conversation, chat
cum when
egressus having gone out
humi on the ground
infestus hostile
passus having suffered
pons bridge
tristis sad
audax bold, daring
comprehendo to arrest
descendo to go down, come down
eques horseman
neque...neque neither...nor
nusquam nowhere
patefacio to reveal
ripa riverbank
verum the truth
carcer prison
conscendo to climb on, mount
desero to desert
flumen river
interea meanwhile
oppugno to attack
perfidus untrustworthy, treacherous
tantum only
transeo to cross
accido to happen
aperio to open
cogo to force
depono to put down, take off
dignitas importance, prestige
extra outside
immortalis immortal
legio legion
os face
statio post
aliquis someone, something
castra military camp
desino to stop, cease, end
diligentia industry, hard work
explico to explain
poena punishment
furens furious, in a rage
immemor forgetful
lateo to lie hidden
scelestus wicked
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