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latin midterm


endings 1st conj. F a, ae,ae,am,a, ae arum, is , as ,is
endings 2nd masc us/er, i o um o i orum is os is
endings 2nd neuter um i o um o a orum is a is
endings 3rd M/F varies, is ,i ,em ,e ,es, um, ibus,es,ibus
endings 3rd N varies, is ,i ,varies, e, a ,um, ibus, a, ibus
beginning of roman culture 756 BC
Nominative denotes subject/predicate nominative
genitive case is possesion
Dative case is Indirect object
Accusative case is Direct object
Ablative case denotes Obj. of preposition
How many cases are there we learned five, there are seven
5 masculine nouns of first decl. pirata, poeta, agricola, incola, nauta
what are groups of similar or related nouns? declensions
Jupiter is the king of gods/mortals
Juno is the queen of gods/mortals, patron of women/marriage/in charge of everyone
Apollo is the son of Jupiter
Apollo is music, poetry, inspiration, Archery, medicine prophercy (can't see his own futre)
Diana is goddess of the hunt/moon
Ceres is the goddess of grain
Ceres' daughter is Proserpina
Pluto is God of the underworld
Venus is goddess of love (romantic)
Cupid is god of love (lust/desire)
show action or being verbs
All latin verbs have... person, number, tense, modd, voice
Person of a verb shows subject
NUmber of a verb shows singular or plural
Tense of a verb shows when
How many principle parts to latin verbs have four
Neptune is god of sea/rivers
Vesta is goddess of hearth, household
which god/dess is most revered? vesta
Mars is the god of war
Minerva is the goddess of wisdom, war
Mercury is the messenger of gods, guide for souls
Vulcan is the god of fire, smithing
Vulcan makes _ and is married to Jupiter's thunderbolts, Venus
Who is for troy in the trojan war? Paris, Helen, Hector, Priam, Aeneas
Hector is Helen's bro, prince, greatest warrior
adjactives must agree with nouns in what three ways? gender, number, and case
the flight pattern of birds augrey
Created by: mprendergast