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Chapter 1

Sociology The scientific studyof socicety and human behaviour
Science The systematic methods used to obtain knowledge and the knowledge obtained by those methods
C. Wright Mills Known for Sociological Imagination
Sociological Imagination Sociological Vision of of the way of looking at the world that allows Links between the apparently private problems of the individual and important social roles
Mills "The sociological imagination or perspective enables us to grasp the connection between history and biography"
Macrosociology Focuses on the broad features of society
Microsociology Emphasize social interaction, or what people do when they come together
ie/ Macro Social class and patriarchy
ie/ Micro Survival strategies of homeless people
What are the goals of science? Explain why something happens Make generalizations Make predictions
Auguste Comte Father of Sociology - used scientific method
Karl Marx Burgeoisie vs Proletariat (rich) vs (working class)
Emile Durkheim Fought to see Sociology recognized as a seperate academic discipline Social Integration vs Suicide
3 types of Suicide: Egoistic Altruistic Anomic
Egoistic Suicide No strong ties to anyone/thing
Altruistic Suicide Suicide performed after loss of partner
Anomic Suicide Loss of all their $ causes suicide (self worth based on material possessions)
Max Weber Rise of Capitalism - wanted sociology to be "value free, objective, and replicatable"
Value Free Understand human behaviour and info can be -Used by anyone for any purpose
Not Value Free Investigate harmful social arrangements (who decides what is harmful -Used to reform society
Verstehen To understand
Social facts (Durkheim) Patterns of behaviour that characterize a social group
The woman's role: Kirche, Kuchen, Kinder, Kleider (church, cooking, children, clothes)
Harriet Martineau known for translating Comte from french to English
What did Harriet Martineau write? Society in America
What was the Quiet Revolution in Quebec? Separatism movement (make our own mini-France)
Political party in Quebec that supports the Seperatist movement? Parti Quebecois
Where did many U.S sociologists move to? Canada
British Sociology University of Toronto
U.S Sociology McGill University
Wallace Clement & William Carroll Canada's Corporate Structure and role in globalization
Margaret Eichler Nonsexist research methods
Dorothy Smith Study of feminist theory (especially the everyday work world of men and women)
Symbolic Interactionism Studies specific behaviours of interacting individuals caught in identifiable face-to-face social settings or encounters Emphasizes symbols (things we attacch meaning to) as the basis of social life
Functional Analysis View society as a unit, made up of interrelated parts that work together as a unit "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts"
Burgeoisie Own means of production (the rich)
Proletariat The mass of workers
Conflict Theory Karl Marx
Feminist Theories Marxist Liberal Radical
Marxist Feminist Theory Class and economic position explain gender inequality
Liberal Feminist Theory Legal restraints and Customs
Radical Feminist Theory Patriarchy oppresses women
Modernity Describes a society which had emerged from feudalism and was characterized by change, collective action, reason adn progess - Max Weber
Postmodernity A rejection of modernity, a recognition of diversity, an emphasis on symbols and discourse analysis
What does Postmodernism entail? Modernity vs Postmodernity
Major criticism of Postmodernism Views society as a closed system -some images, symbols and signs given more importance than others -lacks a theoretical analysis power
Queer Theory Challanges all notions of fixed identities
Critical Race Theory A multi-Disciplinary examination of the social construction of race and race identity; the reality of racial discrimination
Derrick Bell Lawyer and Executive Director of NAACP
Which theories fall under Macro-Level Analysis? Conflict Theory Functional Theory Critical Race Theory
Which theory falls under Micro-Level Analysis? Symbolic Interactionism Post Modernism Queer Theory
Which theories can fall under Macro & Micro Level Analysis? Feminist Theory Postmodernism
What are the 3 phases of Sociology? -Reform -Establish sociology as a respected field of knowledge -Merge Sociological knowledge and practical work to bring about social change
Pure (basic) Sociology Research and theory aimed at making discoveries about life in human groups
Applied Sociology The blending of sociological knowledge and practical results
Clinical Sociology Deals with specific problems for particular organizations
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