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OB - Ch 1

Persepectives on Maternal, Newborn, and Women's Health Care

What has profound effects on a person's health and illness throughout life? Habits and practices established during pregnancy and in early childhood
Goal of maternal and newborn nursing? Promote and maintain optimal health for the woman and her family.
3 characteristics of a nurse that often lead to a positive health care experience. Knowledgeable, Supportive, and Comforting
8 Roles a nurse may fill Direct care, emotional support, comfort, information, advice, advocacy, support, and counseling.
OB is shaped by changes in... Childbirth methods, trends, healthcare system, and federal and state regulations.
During the 17th and 18th centuries, women often died during childbirth from... Exhaustion, dehydration, infection, hemorrhage, or seizures.
What's a "granny midwife"? A woman in the community who learned her skills as an apprentice with a more experienced midwife.
The 2 main reasons the birth trend shifted from homes to hospitals Affluence (wealth, social status) and new pain management.
In the 1950s "natural childbirth" started to return focusing on ?, and opening the door to ? Relaxation techniques. Childbirth education classes, and father involvement.
CNM - Certified Nurse Midwife An RN with a masters in midwifery; trained in the care of normal pregnancy and childbirth. Certified by the American College of Nurse Midwives (ACNM).
Doula Birth assistant who provides emotional, physical, and educational support to the woman and family during childbirth and the postpartum period. Greek translation is "mothering (loving) the mother".
Twilight sleep Heavy dose of narcotics and amnesiacs. Most pain is still present, you just won't remember it.
In 1933, Dr. Grantley Dick-Reed wrote a book entitled "Childbirth Without Fear". This book... Reduces he "fear-tension-pain" cycle women experienced during labor and birth.
In 1984, Dr. Fernand Lamaze wrote a book entitled "Painless Childbirth: The Lamaze Method" This book... Advocated distraction and relaxation techniques to minimize the perception of pain.
In the ?, freestanding birthing centers and LDRP's were designed and the number of home births began to increase. 1900s
Family-Centered Care Delivery of safe, satisfying, high-quality health care tha focuses on and adapts to the physical and psychosocial needs of the family.
3 Basic Principles of Family-Centered Care Childbirth is a normal, healthy event in the life of a family. Childbirth affects the entire family, and relationships will change. Families are capable of making decisions about their own care if given adequate information and professional support.
From the 1980s to the present, increased access to care for all women (regardless of their ability to pay) and hospital redesigns have focused on... Keeping families together during their childbirth experience. Ex, LDRPs, so that families don't have to move from place to place during the birth experience.
Evidence-based nursing practice Uses research to establish and implement a plan of care.
Case Management Process of assessment, planning, application, coordination, follow-up, and evaluation of the options and services required to meet an individual's health needs through communication and available resources to promote quality cost-effective results.
Case management is a continuous process and involves... Advocacy, communication, and resource management. Client-focused comprehensive care across a continuum. Coordinated care with an interdisciplinary approach.
Health was once defined as ?, and was measured by ?. Now health focuses on ?. The absence of disease. Mortality and morbidity of a group. Disease prevention, health promotion, and wellness.
In 1979, a surgeon general's report titles ? presented a prevention agenda for the nation that identified the most significant preventable threats to the health of the US. Healthy People
What are the 10 major health concerns listed in Healthy People 2020? Physical activity. Overweight and obesity. Tobacco use. Substance abuse. Responsible sexual behavior. Mental health. Injury and violence. Environmental quality. Access to health care.
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