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Med term

Chapter 4

Ankyl/o Stiff joint
Arthr/o Joint
Articul/o Joint
Burs/o Sac
Carp/o Wrist
Chondr/o Cartilage
Coccyg/o Coccyx
Cortic/o Outer portion
Cost/o Rib
Ili/o Ilium
Ischi/o Ischium
Kyph/o Hump
Lord/o Bent backwards
Medull/o Inner portion
Myel/o Bone marrow
Orth/o Straight
Oste/o Straight
Pod/o Foot
Prosthet/o Addition
Radi/o Radius, X-ray
Sacr/o Sacrum
Sarc/o Flesh
Synovi/o, synov/o Synovial membrane
Tars/o Ankle
-blast Immature
-clasia To surgically break
-desis Stabilize, fuse
-listhesis Slipping
-porosis Porous
-gram Record
-graphy Process of recording
-genic Producing
-metry Process of measuring
chondroma tumor in the cartilage
sarcoma tumor in the flesh
exostosis bone spur
myeloma tumor in the bone marrow
osteochondroma tumor in cartilage and bone
osteogenic sarcoma bone producing flesh tumor
Osteomalacia Softening of the bone
Osteoporosis Bone porous
Cele Hernia
Ecstasis Dilation
Kyphosis Abnormal hump
Scoliosis Crooked, bent
Spinal bifida Vertebra fails to form around spinal cord
Spondylolisthesis Slipping of vertebra
Spondylosis Abnormal condition of vertebra
Osteoarthritis Inflammation on the bone and joint
Arthrogram Record of joint
Arthrography Process of recording joint
Arthrocentesis Puncture to withdrawl fluid from joint
Arthroclasia Surgically break joint
Arthrodesis Fuse a joint
Arthrotomy Cutting into a joint
Laminectomy Surgical removal of lamina/vertebra
Osteotomy Cutting into bone
Duct/o To bring
Extens/o To stretch out
Fasci/o Fibrous band
Flex/o To bend
Muscul/o Muscle
My/o Muscle
Myos/o Muscle
Ten/o Tendon
Tendin/o Tendon
Tend/o Tendon
Vers/o To turn
-asthenia Weakness
-ion Condition
-kinesia Movement
-tonia Tone
Later/o Side
-trophy Development
Hypertrophy Excessive development
Created by: Any wadsworth