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Med term

Chapter 3

Bi/o Life
Cry/o Cold
Diaphor/o Profuse sweating
Hidr/o Sweat
Ichthy/o Scaly, dry
Kerat/o Hard, horny
Lip/o Fat
Melan/o Black
Myc/o Fungus
Necr/o Death
Onych/o Nail
Pedicul/o Lice
Py/o Pus
Rhytid/o Wrinkle
Scler/o Hard
Seb/o Oil
Ungu/o Nail
Vesic/o Bladder
Xer/o Dry
-derma Skin condition
-opsy View of....biopsy
-tome Instrument used to cut
Allo- Different from usual
Xeno- Strange foreign
Epidermis Thin outer layer
Dermis Middle connective layer
Subcutaneous layer Innermost layer
Angi/o Vessel
Bas/o Base
Esthesi/o Feeling
Sarc/o Flesh
Trich/o Hair
Ungu/o Nail
Sclerosis Hardening
Epi- Upon
Derma Skin condition
-emia Blood condition
-ism State of
-osis Abnormal condition
-ous Pertaining to
-phagia Eating
Allo- Other
Pertaining to the skin Cutaneous
Dermal Pertaining to the skin
Pertaining to upon the skin Epidermal
Pertaining to under the skin Hypodermic
Pertaining to within the skin Intradermal
Pertaining to under the skin Subcutaneous
Pertaining to the nails Ungual
Injury caused by blow to the body Contusion
Fluid filled sac under skin Cyst
Bruise Ecchymosis
Redness of skin Erythema
Abnormal condition of excessive sweat Hyperhidrosis
Condition of having scaly and dry skin Ichthyoderma
Abnormal condition of death Necrosis
Small, solid spot on surface Papule
Created by: Any wadsworth