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Biology Vocab

Organisms all living things
Cells smallest units of life
homeostasis stability/balance
organelles the compounds that make up life
inhertiance of traits DNA
evolution change in populations over time
interdependency all life depends on other living things
gene the basic unitiy of heredity
heredity passing of traits from parent to offspring
mutation change in the DNA of a gene
evolution change in the inherited characteristics of species over generations
species group of genetically similar organisms that can produce fertile offspring
natural selection process of which organisms with favorable traits are more likely to survive and reproduce
ecology branch of biology;that studies the interactions of organisms with one another and with the nonliving part of their enviroment
genome complete genetic material contained in an individual
HIV a virus that attacks and destroys the human immune system
Cancer a growth defect in cells, a breakdown of the mechanism that controls cell division
cystic fibrosis fatal disorder in which a thick, sticky mucus clogs passages in many of the body's organs
gene therapy replacement of a defective gene with a normal version
observation noting or perceiving objects or events using the species
hypothesis explanation that might be true
prediction expected outcome of a test
PH measure of the hydrogen ion concentration within a solution
experiment procedure to test a hypothesis
control group group in an experiment that recieves no experimental treatment
independent variable factor that is changed in an experiment
dependent variable variable that is measured in an experiment
theory set of related hypotheses that have been tested and confirmed many times
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