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차로 한 시간쯤 걸려요

weather 날씨
speech, words 말(하다)
bus 버스
ball point pen 볼펜
airplane 비행기
pencil 연필
bicycle 자전거
subway 지하철
(one) day 하루
Korean town 한인타운
up to (location) 까지
1. by means of 2. from (location) 1. (으)로 2. 에서
about, around
to take (time) 걸리다(걸려요)
to live 살다(살아요)
to write 쓰다
to be closed, near 가깝다(가까워요)
to be hot 덥다
to be far 멀다(멀어요)
to be easy 쉽다
to be difficult 어렵다
to be cold 춥다
to be narrow 좁다
usually 보통
how long/how much 얼마나/얼마
a little 조금
hour(duration) 시간
every day 매일/날마다
every morning 매일 아침
every evening 매일 저녁
every work 매주
every month 매달
every year 매년
Created by: jinmi