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Unit 1 - Vocabulary

Drafting and the Drafter

Aerospace Engineer An engineer of aircraft and space vehicles.
Agriculture Engineer Agricultural engineering is the engineering discipline that applies engineering science
Algorithms A mathematic equation, are useful in solving well- structured problems
Architects Plan, design, and oversee the construction of residential
Brainstorming Working with others to develop creative solutions to a problem
Ceramic Engineer Concerned with the design and development of nonmetallic materials into useful products
Chemical Engineer Designs and develop the process and equipment that convert raw materials into useful products
Civil Engineer The design and development of transportation systems
Checker Drafters that understands manufacturing processes
Design Drafter Senior level drafter and is the highest level drafter
Design Method A systematic Procedure for approaching a design problem and arriving at a solution
Detail Drafter Well informed with the fundamentals of drafting
Detailer The preparation of working drawings for manufacturing or construction
Drafting A process in creating technical drawings
Drafting Trainee To have a basic understanding of drafting instruments
Electrical Engineer Specialize in the fields designs major products
Scale Model The replica of the actual or proposed object
Sketches Freehand drawings that is useful in communication undeveloped ideas.
Stereo Lithography An additive manufacturing technology for producing models, prototypes, patterns, and in some cases, production
Heuristics Guidelines that usually lead to acceptable solutions
Industrial Designer Concerned with the development of solutions to problems that involve esthetics, materials, manufacturing processes, human factors, and creativity
Industrial Engineer Designs plant layouts and devises improved methods of manufacturing and processing
Landscape Architect Individual who arranges features of the landscape or garden attractively.
Layout Drafter To prove out the product design, using sketch and models and a scaled layout drawing
Mechanical Drawings Show an idea
Mechanical Engineer Specialize in a given area such as machinery, automobiles, ships, turbines, jet engines, or manufacturing faculties
Metallurgical Engineer The location, extraction, and refining of metals
Mockup A full sized model that simulates an actual machine or part.
Model A 3 dimensional object
Nuclear Engineer Research, design, and the development in the field of nuclear energy
Petroleum Engineer Location and recovery of petroleum recourses and the development and transportation of petroleum products
Presentation Drawings Normally consist of several drawings and other information combined together
Problem A situation, question, or matter required choices and action for a solution
Problem Solving The process of seeking practical solutions to a problem
Prototype Full size operating model of an accrual object
Technical Drawings A technical drawing a graphic representation of the real thing- an idea, an object, a process, or a system.
Technical Illustrator Should thoroughly understand drafting fundamentals
Virtual Reality Very modern experimental type of research and testing that uses computer models and simulators
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