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what is the process in which layers or sheets of rock gradually break off exfoliation
what is the expansion of desert conditions in areas where the natural plant cover has been destroyed is desertification
is organic matter that decays and becomes part of soil humus
is a naturally formed solid that is usually made up of one or more types of minerals rock
which type of weathering actually changes the composition of the rock chemical weathering
what causes limestone to dissolve leaving a cavern in the ground acid in rainwater
what is formed when the roof of a cave falls in sinkhole
the first stage of the erosion process is weathering
what are two reasons why a foodplain is a good place to grow crops 1.plenty of water 2.fertile soil
the pulling force that causes mass wasting is gravity
identify and describe a type of mass wasting when a rock or rock particles are pulled downward by gravity
explain how kettle lakes form when a glacier melts it forms a bowl-shaped depression called a kettle lake
what is the name that was given to the supercontinent that was believed to have exsited millions of years ago pangaea
name that scientist that proposed the theory of continental drift alfred wegner
two plates that scrape past each other is what type of bounday transform boundary
explain what happens during magnetic reversal when the poles reverse
what occurs when one plate sinks beneath another subduction
which of earths layers has been described as a shell around an egg crust
which of earths layers is the densest mantle
hot liquid metal outer core
thickest layer mantle
thin cool rock crust
solid metal very hot inner core
a break in earth's lithosphere along which blocks of rock move past each other fault
what causes earthquakes movement of blocks of rock
all earthquakes occur in which part of the earth lithosphere
why dont earthquakes occur in the asthenoshpere because it is flexible and dosent crack
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