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Stage 13 Checklist

adveniō, -īre, -vēnī, -ventus arrive
aedificium, -ī building
aegra, aegra, aegrum sick, ill
alter, altera, alterum the other (of two)
cantō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus sing
cēterī, -ae, -a the rest, the others
coniūrātiō, -ōnis plot, conspiracy
custōs, custōdis guard
dēcidō, -ere, dēcidī fall down
dīcō, -ere, dīxī, dictus say
excitō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus arouse, wake up
fessus, -a, -um tired
horreum, -ī barn, granary
interficiō, -ere, -fēcī, -fectus kill
ita vērō yes, yes indeed
nōlō, nōlle, nōluī not want, not be willing
novus, -a, -um new
nūllus, -a, -um no, not any
numerō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus count
ōrdō, ōrdinis row, order, rank
possum, posse, potuī be able
retineō, -ēre, retinuī, retentus keep, hold back
ruō, ruere, ruī, rutus rush
himself, herself, itself, themselves
sum, esse, fuī be
trahō, -ere, trāxī, tractus pull, drag
vīta, -ae life
volō, velle, voluī want, be willing
vulnerō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus wound
Created by: edyeomans