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9th G midterm vocab

Stack #114177

ager, agri field
bibo I drink
cado I fall
dormio I sleep
doceo I teach
celeriter quickly
aurum gold
amicus friend
accedo I approach
conscendo I board (a ship)
dimitto I send away, dismiss
cupio I want
audio I hear
frater brother
fabula story, tale
filius son
maneo I wait
incolumis safe, unharmed
laetus happy
ingens huge
mox soon
multus many
illa she
ille he or it
fessus tired
exeo I go out
equa horse
malus bad
mors death
insula island
inquit he asks
ego I
fortiter bravely
hasta spear
nam for
narro I tell
moneo I warn
hortus garden
murus wall
navis ship
pono I place
quid? what?
rogo I ask
oppugno I attack
nox night
novus new
ubi? where?
vinco I conquer
redeo I return
parvus small
subito suddenly
prope near
pauci few
venio I come
vir man
via road, way
voco I call
specto I look at
sedeo I sit
scribo I write
debeo I ought
duco I lead
hic here
facio I make, I do
lente slowly
ira anger
eum him
nauta sailor
itaque therefor
iubeo I order
laudo I praise
emo I buy
iratus angry
mitto I send
ludus school
ludo I play
convoco I call together
circum around
cibus food
clamo I shout
constituo I decide
conicio I hurl
cum with
advenio I arrive
ad- to
con- together
ambulo I walk
capio I take
canis dog
caelum sky, heaven
curro I run
colonus farmer
alius other, another
adsum I am present
diligenter carefully
do I give
domus home
ceno I dine
cena dinner
cibus food
Created by: martin2