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Ch7 science while

Study data f/ ch 7 test for Mrs. While / Bacteria

coccus sphere shaped bacteria
Bacilius rod shaped/ oval Bacteria
spirlium spiral shaped ,wavy
Ocillatoria lives in the water and moves like a screw, ladder shaped
makes medicines eubacteria
food for fish cyanobacteria
used with making cheese cyanobacteria
decomposing materials eubacteria
fertilizer nitrogen fixing bacteria
cleans up oil spills eubacteria
food poisoning that results in paralis or death botulism
damaged particles of bacteria used to prevent diseases vaccines
whiplike tails that help bacteria move flagella
an oragamism that needs oxygen for survival aerobe
an organism that doesn't need oxygen oxygen might kill it anarobe
an organism that eats dead material saprophyte
bacteria that lives on plant roots and helps the plant nitrogen fixing bacteria
a disease causing bacteria pathegon
substenence used to kill bacteria antibiotic
poison produced by bacteria toxin
heat resisten structure in bacteria endospore
a cell that is not membrane bound prokaryotic
Created by: anastasia3rd