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Latin- Chapter 5

From "Traditio" by Patricia A. Johnston

deserve fully commereō commerēre commeruī commeritus
previously dūdum
it is right aequum est
play lūdō lūdere lūsī lūsus
how great how large mow much quantus quanta quantuum
hang over threaten be immenent impendō impendēre
pluck gather enjoy carpō carpere carpsī carptus
throw hurl iaciō iacere iēcī iactus
ask rogō rogāre rogāvī rogātus
happy laetus laeta laetum
for indeed truly enim
also even etiam
equal even just aequus aequa aequum
son nātus nātī m
suddenly subitō
wrath rage īrācuncia īrācundiae f
island insula insulae f
remain stay behind remaneō remanēre remānsī remānsus
Interrogative Particle- negative answer expected num
wax cēra cērae f
in the same place ibidem
feather penna pennae f
arm bracchium bracchiī n
torture excruciō excruciāre excruciāvī excruciātus
careful sēdulud sēdula sēdulum
remedy remedium remediī n
instruct instruō instruere intruxī instructus
restore restituō restitere
help favor adiuvō adiuvāre adiūvī
soften molliō mollīre millīvī mollītus
Pluperfect Subjunctive -issem -issēs -isset -issēmus -issētis -issent
further amplius
remain stay await maneō manēre mānsī mānsus
estimate assess judge cēnseō cēnsēre cēnsuī cēnsus
join iungō iungere iunxī iunctus
doubt dubitō dubitāre dubitāvī dubitātus
beleive trust + dative crēdō crēdere crēdidi crēditus
abandon desert deserō desere desuī desertus
origin principium principiī n
embarrass hinder impediō inpedīre
so great so large tantus tanta tantum
entrust commendō commendāre commendāvī commendātus
to a former state in (ad) integrum
unwilling invītus invīta invītum
drag out release extricate extrahō extrahere extraxī extractus
first prīmum
Pluperfect Indicative -eram -erās -erat -erāmus -erātis -erant
untouched whole fresh integer integra integrum
set on fire adūrō adūrere adussī adustum
shake beat quatiō quatere ______ quassus
Ideal Conditional Sentence should/would present subjunctive/present subjunctive
too low demissior
not only...but also nōn sōlum...sed etiam
cover sonceal hide keep secret cēlō cēlāre cēlāvī cēlātus
mattress culcitra culcitrae f
to fly volō volāre volāvī volātus
Imperfect Indicative sum/possum (pot) eram (pot) erās (pot) erat (pot) erāmus (pot) erātis (pot) erant
lawful lēgitimus lēgitima lēgitimum
How many quot
worthwhile deserving dignus digna dignum
care for cūrō cūrāre cūrāvī cūrātus
quickly celeriter
Interrogative Particle- affirmative answer expected nōnne
As tantus...quantus
savage raging cruel saevus saeva saevum
drag draw pull trahō trahere traxī tractus
courage audācia audāciae f
fortune luck fortūna fortūnae f
manner method modus modī m
consider carefully deliberate dēlīberō dēlīberāre dēlīberāvī dēlīberātus
compel dorce collect bring together cōgō cogere coēgi coāctus
naked nūdus nūda nūdum
break up rescindiō rescindere
marriage nuptiae nuptiārum f pl
unprepared imperātus imperāta imperātum
wave unda undae f
kiss osculum osculī n
opinion sententia sententiae f
uncertian incertus incerta incertum
horse equus equī m
so many tot
at the same time together simul
longing for cupidus cupida cupidum
too high celsior
blame culpa culpae f
praise laudō laudāre laudāvī laudātus
any longer diūtius
timid fearful timidus timida timidum
be on guard for advigliō advigilāre advigilāvī advigilātus
at least saltem
General Conditional Sentences conditions of fact: present/present future/future past/past
as tot...quot
and -que
be strong be well valeō valēre valuī valitūrus
nothing nihil nīl n
sun sōl sōlis m
eat lunch prandeō prandēre prandī prānsum
Future Perfect Indicative -erō -eris -erit -erimus -eritis -erint
make fun of dērideō dēridēre derisī derisus
Perfect Subjunctive -erim -eris -erit -erimus -eritis -erint
goodbye valē valēte
Imperfect Indicative -bam -bās -bat -bāmus -bātis -bant
afflict afficiō afficere
tear into pieces divide perplex distrahō distrahere distraxī distractus
Contrary to Fact Conditional Sentences impossible fufillment: imperfect subj/imperfect subj pluperfect subj/pluperfect subj
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