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Where is the heart located? The center of the chest with a slight lean to the left
How many beats does it take a heart to beat in a year? It beats over 35 million times in a a year
How big is a adult's heart? About the size of their two fists put together
How hard does the heart beat? The same amount of force it takes you to squeeze a tennis ball
Where are the four chambers located? Located in the center of the chest
What does the blue vein represent? Oxygen poor poor blood
What doest the red vein represent? Oxygen rich blood
Define Aorta Oxygen rich blood pumped out to the body
Oxygen rich blood is *blank* to your organs/tissues Food
What is the Pulmonary Artery? It is the artery that oxygen poor blood gets pumped to the lungs to pick up oxygen
What is ANGINA Pectoris? Chest pain caused by heart not getting enough oxygen
What causes chest pain and cardiac arrest? (name 3) Clogged Arteries, Blood Clot, and damaged heart tissue
What is plaque? Plaque is made of fat and cholesterol that sticks to the wall of an artery and once its stuck, more plaque builds up easier
What is Atherosclerosis? Medical word to describe the condition of plaque clogging an artery and causing the heart to receive less oxygen
Define Blood Clot When plaque builds up and starts to tear and blood platelets will stick and blocks any blood flow
How can heart tissue be
If the heart gets less oxygen rich blood, what happens? It can cause parts of the heart tissue to die
What is Myocardial Ischemia? The heart gets more oxygen than needed wich can cause death of a tissue
What is angioplasty? A balloon wrapped a thin wire is inserted into the artery that has plaque build up and then it is inflated to push the plaque and let blood flow
What is a stent? a wire cage can be placed in the artery to keep it open
Define Bypass An artery from another part of the body attached belo the blockage of the damaged artery and at the aorta so a new path for blood is created
What is a heart attack? When a lack of oxygen to the heart tissue occurs long enough for the heart tissue to die
What are the symptoms of a heart attack? (name at least 3) Pressure in the chest, sweating, chewst pain that last more than 5 minutes, pain in the shoulders, arms, neck, and jaw, nausea, dizziness, and trouble of breathing
What do to if they have the heart attack symptoms? Tell them to not do anything, tell them to stay calm, call 9-1-1, and give them aspirin
If they go unconscious... Do the Cardiac chain of survival
What is the cardiac chain of survival (In order)
Created by: Funrabbit