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Ecosystems Test 2

What is described when the host is harmed by an organism living on its host? Parasitism
What is it called when everyone must work together in order to survive? Cooperation
What is an example of a parasite and a host? a tapeworm and a cow
What type of relationship are fleas and cats? parasitism
How are terrestrial and aquatic food webs interconnected? a bird eats fish
What relationship demonstrates cooperation between species? Mutualism
What type of relationship are bees and plants? mutualism
What ecosystem would there be more competition among a population of a species? a small ecosystem
What is an example of mutualism? bee and flower
What is the benefit of a sea anemone attached to a hermit crab? the anemone travels with the crab
How can egrets and cattle coexist in a field together? they consume different food sources
What is an example of competition? a deer mouse and a sparrow
What is a parasitic relationship? when one organism benefits and the other organism is harmed
How does photosynthesis play a role in the carbon cycle? it adds carbon dioxide to the atmosphere
How do animals release the most nitrogen from their bodies? urine
What gas is needed by algae to produce oxygen? carbon dioxide
What would have a negative effect on photosynthesis in a plant? a lack of water
What is necessary for respiration to occur in animals and plants? oxygen
What do scavengers, fungi and bacteria consume from dead organisms? energy
Created by: ndmsteach