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Science(The circulatory system)

What are the four components in blood? Plasma,red blood cells,white blood cells and platelets
What is plasma? The liquid part of blood, it is pale yellow in colour. It transports chemicals such as food and hormones and also heat. Its also maintains the body temperature at 37 degrees
What are red blood cells? Made in the bone marrow, they contain a red pigment called haemoglobin and they transport oxygen
What are white blood cells? Made in the bone marrow, the fight infections by surrounding the micro-organisms and destroying them
What are platelets? Formed in the bone marrow, they clot blood to prevent the loss of it and to prevent micro-organisms getting in
What are arteries? They carry blood away from the heart, they have thick strong walls because blood is at high pressure here
What are veins? They carry blood into the heart. They have thin weak walls and valves to prevent backflow
What are capillaries? Tiny blood vessels found between veins and arteries. They allow material to pass in and out of the blood
What is the heart? Made up of cardiac muscle,the shape of a clenched fist, found on the left side of the chest is a organ that pumps blood around the body. It is very strong and does not tire easily
What is the septum? The muscular wall that separates the two sides of the heart
Explain the flow of blood through the heart (Part 1) De-oxygenated blood enters the heart through the vena cava,fills up the right atrium witch then contracts then pushes the blood into the right ventricle,this contracts the valves shut + the blood is pushed out through the pulmonary artery + into the lungs
What happens to the blood in the lungs? It gains oxygen and looses carbon dioxide and water vapour
Explain the flow of blood through the heart (Part 2) Oxygenated blood enters the heart through the pulmonary vein, fills up the left atrium,witch contracts and pushes blood to the left ventricle witch then also contracts and pushes blood through valves and the aorta
What is the pulse rate used to measure? The rate of heartbeat
Why do we need exercise? Causes us to breathe faster,causes the heart to contract more strongly, helps reduce weight(this means there is a lower demand for oxygen in the body)
What is the number one killer in Ireland Heart disease
How is heart disease caused? When small arteries witch supply blood to the heart become clogged with fat
Created by: Chimozukee