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benchmark 2 cards

weather and force and motion study cards

Energy exists in what two states? kinetic and potential
What is the energy of motion? kinetic energy
Moving objects have what type of energy? kinetic energy
Which energy is stored (or waiting to be used) energy? potential energy
A rock on top of a hill has what type of energy - potential or kinetic? potential energy
A book on a shelf has what type of energy - potential or kinetic? potential energy
How fast an object moves in a certain amount of time is called what? speed
Any push or pull that causes an object to move, stop, or change speed or direction is called? force
To mov e a large (massive) object you will need greater or lesser force? greater
forces are measured in units called? Newtons
Newtons are named after what British scientist who explained how force and motion are related? Sir Isaac Newton
What works against (opposes) motion and causes objects to slow down and stop? friction
Unless acted upon by a force, objects in motion tend to stay in motion or remain at rest? stay in motion
Unless acted upon by a force, objects at rest tend to stay at rest or in motion? stay at rest
What property of matter states that an object at rest will stay at rest, and an object in motion will remain im motion unless acted upon by an outside force? Inertia
What force is pulling you toward the Earth's surface? gravity
What is the force that is used to move an object a certain distance called? work
What is the ability to do work (either to mak an object move or to change matter) called? energy
What instrument measures air pressure? barometer
What instrument measures wind speed? anemometer
What instrument measures precipitation (water)? rain gauge
What instrument measures the temperature of the air? Thermometer
What instrument tells the direction of the wind? weather vane
What is the Water Cycle? The never-ending movement of water through evaporation, condensation, and precipitation.
What is condensation? Whater particles lose heat energy, slow down, and change from a gas to a liquid (condense).
What is the measure of the amount of heat energy in the atomosphere? temperature
What is due to the weight of the air and is determined by several factors including the timperature of the air? air pressure
Large regions of air with the same weather are called? air masses
What is the boundary between air masses of different temperature and humidity? a front
What is it called when a warm air mass pushes into a cold air mass usually causing light rain? warm front
What is it called when a cold air mass pushes into a warm air mass often causing violent weather? cold front
What isis it called when air masses (warm or cold) don't move? stationalry front
What are associated with certain weather conditions and are maide up of tiny droplets of necdensed water in the atmosphere? clouds
What are te feathery cluds associated with fair weather and often indicate that rain or snow will fall within serveral hours? cirrus clouds
What are smooth, layered, gray cluds that cover the whole sky (blockout direct sunlight) and usually associated with light rain and drizzle? stratus clouds
What are the white, fluffy cluds with flat bottoms that usually indicate fair weather, howver, when they get larger and darker on the bottom, they produce thunderstorms? cumulus clouds
What are larger and darker cumulus clouds that produce thunderstorms called? cumulus-nimbus
Extreme atmospheric conditins can create these kinds of storms? thunderstorms, hurricanes, and tornadoes
What is a measurement of how much water vapor is in the air? humidity
What type of scientist uses data to predict weather patterns? meteorologist
Created by: jasmanrl