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Latin- Chapter 3

From "Traditio" by Patricia A. Johnston

Jussive Horatory "Let's___ "
soon mox
you're joking! dēlciās facis
Purpose clauses "so that.." "in order to..."
2nd person pronouns nom: tū gen: tibī acc: tē abl: tē
money pecūnia pecūniae f
have hold habēo habēre habuī habitus
show point out dēmōnstrō dēmōonstrāre dēmōonstrāvī dēmōonstrātus
Present subjunctive sum/possum (pos) sim (pos) sīs (pos) sit (pos) sīmus (pos) sītis (pos) sint
glorify exhalt magnificō magnificāre magnificāvī magnificātus
1st person pronouns nom: egō gen: mihī acc: mē abl: mē
cause reason causa causae f
certanly certē
this much only this hoc tantum
lie down recline accumbō accumbēre accumbui accumbitus
for a long time diū
be present/at hand adsum adese adfuī
most famous nōtissimus nōtissima nōtissimum
back backside tergum tergī n
finally tandem
before ante
ever umquam
in order that... ut
go move yield withdraw depart cē cēdō cēdere cēssī cēssum
Active Subjunctive 2nd conjugation + ā teneam teneās teneat teneāmus teneātis teneant
mistress era erae f
call summon vocō vocāre vocāvī vocātus
advice plan judgement cōnsilium cōnsiliī n
soul mind (plural= courage) animus animī m
food cibus cibī m
water aqua aquae f
of what sort? cuiusmodī
enough satis
insane insānus insāna insānum
informer spy sycophanta sycophantae m
the other the rest of cēterī cēterae cētera
Today hodiē
either... or aut aut...aut
whoever quisquis
annoying molestus molesta molestum
eye oculus oculī m
be absent be lacking dēsum dēesse dēfuī
parasite freeloader parasītus parasītī m
unknown ignōtus ignōta ignōtum
to laugh to smile rīdeō rīdēre rīsī rīsus
however nevertheless tamen
buy purchase emō ere ēmī emptus
sound whole healthy sānus sāna sānum
seek quaerō quaerere quaesīvī quaesītus
walk ambulō ambulāre ambulāvī ambulātus
be well be in good health salveō salvēre
to ask someone for something quaerere ab
remain survive supersum superesse superfuī
sweetheart animulus animulī
leaf fulium foliī n
learn know noscō noscere nōvī nōtus
immediately extemplō
which? quōs
also not nec
Indicate Affection -ulus
Active Subjunctive 3rd io and 4th conjugation +ā capiam audiam capiās audiās capiat audiat capiāmus audiāmus capiātis audiātis capiant audiant
Active Subjunctive 1st conjugation a--> ē amem amēs amet amēmus amētis ament
Inside intrō
no, thank you grātia est
correctly rectē
why quārē
as if quasi
learn know cognoscō cognoscere cognōvī cognitus
many much multus multa multum
wallet purse marsupium marsupiī n
hello salvē salvēte
put place pōnō pōnwere posuī positus
8 octō
in order that...not
funny absurd rediculus redicula rediculum
emit a smell/scent oboleō obolēre oboluī
whether...or sīve...sīve
10 decem
order iubeō iubēre iussī iussus
Active Subjunctive 3rd conjugation e--> ā dūcam dūcās dūcat dūcāmus dūcātis dūcant
Created by: kolendam



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