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A-Science Review

5th Grade Science Review Ch.1-6

largest group of insects beetles
the layer of cells many nocturnal animals have behind the retina tapetum
a mammal whose baby finshes developing in a pouch marsupial
an object that allows light to pass through, but which cannot be seen through transluscent
the series of colored bands when sunlight is separated spectrum
an object that produces its own light luminous
an immature insect that looks like the adult nymph
an animal that eats mostly meat carnivore
an object that does not let light pass through opaque
the largest family of flowering plants composite
a plant eating animal herbivore
to spend the winter in sleep hibernate
the largest group of mammals rodents
inventor of the reflecting telescope Sir Isaac Newton
inventor of the light bulb Thomas Edison
to move from place to place with the changing seasons migrate
an object that allows light to pass straight through transparent
to look like another animal for protection mimicry
an animal that is active at night nocturnal
the mineral used as pencil lead graphite
the most useful metal iron
a rock-like mudball full of crystals geode
a commonn sedimentary rock limestone
only metal liquid at room temperature mercury
a mollusk with two hinged shells bivalve
a metal that provides nuclear power uranium
a mollusk with a single shell univalve
a wing-footed mammal pinniped
coral reefs are formed by these coral polyps
the most poisonous fish stonefish
an igneous rock that floats pumice
the best conductor of electricity silver
largest flying bird wandering albatross
fish that looks like a snake moray eel
rarest gem ruby
carnivorous sea snail whelk
sea invertebrates with crusty shells crustaceans
force of attraction between two objects gravity
force that resists motion friction
a push or pull force
state of matter with no definite shape;its molecules tend to stay together liquid
state of matter that has a definite shape solid
state of matter that has no definite shape; molecules tend to difffuse gas
freezing point of water 32 degrees F
boiling point of water 212 degress F
melting point of water 32 degrees F
fuels need this in order to burn oxygen
term for burning combustion
liquid becomes a solid freezing point
solid becomes a liquid melting point
liquid becomes a gas boiling point
stored energy potential energy
energy of motion kinetic energy
anti-knock quality octane number
Created by: Walker83