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D&H in China 16

Yale Univ. Press

美丽 mei3li4 beautiful;[simplified]
美麗 mei3li4 beautiful;[traditional]
城市 cheng2shi4 city or town;
旅游 lv3you2 trip; journey; tour;[simplified]
旅遊 lv3you2 trip; journey; tour;[traditional]
假期 jia4qi1 vacation; holiday; period of leave;
愉快 yu2kuai4 happy; cheerful; delightful;
cheng2 to ride; to mount; make use of; multiply;
西安 Xi1'an1 Xi'an; capital of Shaanxi Province;
南京 Nan2jing1 Nanjing (capital of Jiangsu Province);
you2 follow; from; by; through;
经过 jing1guo4 to pass; go through; as a result of;[simplified]
經過 jing1guo4 to pass; go through; as a result of;[traditional]
成都 Cheng2du1 Chengdu; capital of Sichuan Province;
ge4 each; every;
特色 te4se4 characteristic; distinguishing feature;
昆明 Kun1ming2 Kunming; capital of Yunnan province;[simplified]
昆明 Kun1ming2 Kunming; capital of Yunnan province;[traditional]
位于 wei4yu2 be located at;[simplified]
位於 wei4yu2 be located at;[traditional]
xing2 model; type (e.g. blood type);
sheng3; xing3 to save; economize; omit; province; examine oneself; to visit; be aware";
云南省 Yun2nan2sheng3 Yunnan province;[simplified]
雲南省 Yun2nan2sheng3 Yunnan province;[traditional]
省会 sheng3hui4 provincial capital;[simplified]
省會 sheng3hui4 provincial capital;[traditional]
闻名 wen2ming2 well-known; famous; renowned;[simplified]
聞名 wen2ming2 well-known; famous; renowned;[traditional]
气候 qi4hou4 climate; atmosphere; weather;[simplified]
氣候 qi4hou4 climate; atmosphere; weather;[traditional]
zi3 purple;
xie4 thank; (of flowers) wither;[simplified]
xie4 thank; (of flowers) wither;[traditional]
冬天 dong1tian1 winter;
暖和 nuan3huo5 warm; nice and warm;
夏天 xia4tian1 summer;
凉快 liang2kuai5 nice and cool; pleasantly cool;[simplified]
涼快 liang2kuai5 nice and cool; pleasantly cool;[traditional]
季节 ji4jie2 season; time; period;[simplified]
季節 ji4jie2 season; time; period;[traditional]
下雪 xia4xue3 to snow;
开花 kai1hua1 to flower; split open; feel happy;[simplified]
開花 kai1hua1 to flower; split open; feel happy;[traditional]
man3 full; abbreviation for Manchurian;[simplified]
滿 man3 full; abbreviation for Manchurian;[traditional]
风景 feng1jing3 scenery; landscape;[simplified]
風景 feng1jing3 scenery; landscape;[traditional]
吸引 xi1yin3 attract (interest; investment; etc.);
游客 you2ke4 tourist; traveler; visitor (to a park; etc.);[simplified]
遊客 you2ke4 tourist; traveler; visitor (to a park; etc.);[traditional]
chi2 pond; pool; reservoir;
滇池 Dian1chi2 Lake Dianchi in Yunnan;
pa2 to crawl; to climb;
远远地 yuan3yuan3de5 from a distance;[simplified]
遠遠地 yuan3yuan3de5 from a distance;[traditional]
pian4; pian1 (mw for pieces of things); a slice; a flake (Kangxi radical 91); film; photo";
叶子 ye4zi5 leaves;[simplified]
葉子 ye4zi5 leaves;[traditional]
hu2 lake;
piao4; piao1; piao3 elegant; to float; to bleach;
阳光 yang2guang1 sunshine; sunlight;[simplified]
陽光 yang2guang1 sunshine; sunlight;[traditional]
zhao4 to shine; illuminate; according to;
shan3 to dodge; to sprain; to flash; lightning;[simplified]
shan3 to dodge; to sprain; to flash; lightning;[traditional]
jian4 establish; to build; to construct;
民族 min2zu2 nationality; ethnic group;
cun1 village; rustic;
少数 shao3shu4 small number; minority; few;[simplified]
少數 shao3shu4 small number; minority; few;[traditional]
政府 zheng4fu3 government;
方式 fang1shi4 way; style; fashion; manner;
花花绿绿 hua1hua1lv4lv4 colorful;[simplified]
花花綠綠 hua1hua1lv4lv4 colorful;[traditional]
以南 yi3nan2 to the south of;
石林 Shi2lin2 Stone Forest; near Kunming;
石头 shi2tou5 stone; rock;[simplified]
石頭 shi2tou5 stone; rock;[traditional]
王国 wang2guo2 kingdom; realm;[simplified]
王國 wang2guo2 kingdom; realm;[traditional]
增长 zeng1zhang3 grow; to increase; enrich;[simplified]
增長 zeng1zhang3 grow; to increase; enrich;[traditional]
知识 zhi1shi5 knowledge; intellectual;[simplified]
知識 zhi1shi5 knowledge; intellectual;[traditional]
Created by: Timmy19
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