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D&H in China 14

Yale Univ. Press

味道 wei4dao5 flavor; taste;
化学 hua4xue2 chemistry;[simplified]
化學 hua4xue2 chemistry;[traditional]
平常 ping2chang2 ordinary; usually; common;
比如说 bi3ru2shuo1 for instance/example;[simplified]
比如說 bi3ru2shuo1 for instance/example;[traditional]
内行 nei4hang2 expert; experienced;[simplified]
內行 nei4hang2 expert; experienced;[traditional]
chao3 to stir-fry; saute;
zhu3 to boil; to cook;
xing4 nature; character; quality; gender;
凉性 liang2xing4 cool-natured (of food or Chinese medicine);[simplified]
涼性 liang2xing4 cool-natured (of food or Chinese medicine);[traditional]
wei4 stomach;
上火 shang4huo3 get angry; (Chinese medicine) excessive internal heat;
饮食 yin3shi2 food and drink; diet;[simplified]
飲食 yin3shi2 food and drink; diet;[traditional]
四川 Si4chuan1 Sichuan province;
比较 bi3jiao4 compare; contrast; relatively;[simplified]
比較 bi3jiao4 compare; contrast; relatively;[traditional]
la4 hot (spicy);
er2 and; but; yet; while (Kangxi radical 126);
que4 but; yet; however;[simplified]
que4 but; yet; however;[traditional]
广东 Guang3dong1 Guangdong Province (Canton);[simplified]
廣東 Guang3dong1 Guangdong Province (Canton);[traditional]
温和 wen1he2 moderate; warm; (-huo: lukewarm);[simplified]
溫和 wen1he2 moderate; warm; (-huo: lukewarm);[traditional]
can1; shen1 join; take part in; refer to; ginseng";
can1; shen1 join; take part in; refer to; ginseng";
营养 ying2yang3 nutrition; nourishment; sustenance;[simplified]
營養 ying2yang3 nutrition; nourishment; sustenance;[traditional]
也就是说 ye3jiu4shi4shuo1 that is to say; so to speak;[simplified]
也就是說 ye3jiu4shi4shuo1 that is to say; so to speak;[traditional]
xiang1 fragrant; savory (Kangxi radical 186);
wen2 hear; to smell; news; reputation;[simplified]
wen2 hear; to smell; news; reputation;[traditional]
计划 ji4hua4 plan; project;[simplified]
計劃 ji4hua4 plan; project;[traditional]
hun1 meat or fish dish; pungent vegetables forbidden to Buddhist vegetarians;[simplified]
hun1 meat or fish dish; pungent vegetables forbidden to Buddhist vegetarians;[traditional]
su4 plain; element; vegetable;
随你便 sui2ni3bian4 as you like; do as you please;[simplified]
隨你便 sui2ni3bian4 as you like; do as you please;[traditional]
红烧 hong2shao1 braise in soy sauce;[simplified]
紅燒 hong2shao1 braise in soy sauce;[traditional]
豆腐 dou4fu5 tofu; bean curd;
凉拌 liang2ban4 (of food) cold and dressed with sauce; salad with dressing;[simplified]
涼拌 liang2ban4 (of food) cold and dressed with sauce; salad with dressing;[traditional]
黄瓜 huang2gua1 cucumber;[simplified]
黃瓜 huang2gua1 cucumber;[traditional]
suan1 sour; sore; ache;
zha2; zha4 deep-fry; to bomb; blow up; explode";
guo1 pot; pan; boiler;[simplified]
guo1 pot; pan; boiler;[traditional]
jiang4 jam; thick sauce; paste;[simplified]
jiang4 jam; thick sauce; paste;[traditional]
cong1 scallion; green onion;[simplified]
cong1 scallion; green onion;[traditional]
jiang1 ginger;[simplified]
jiang1 ginger;[traditional]
suan4 garlic;
作料 zuo2liao4 condiments; seasoning;
qie1; qie4 to cut; to chop; correspond to; absolutely; ardently";
糟了 zao1le5 oh no; shoot; darn;[simplified]
糟了 zao1le5 oh no; shoot; darn;[traditional]
cu4 vinegar;
当作 dang4zuo4 treat as; regard as; look upon;[simplified]
當作 dang4zuo4 treat as; regard as; look upon;[traditional]
酱油 jiang4you2 soy sauce;[simplified]
醬油 jiang4you2 soy sauce;[traditional]
chang2 to taste; flavor; (past tense marker);[simplified]
chang2 to taste; flavor; (past tense marker);[traditional]
怎么办 zen3me5ban4 what should (one) do?;[simplified]
怎麼辦 zen3me5ban4 what should (one) do?;[traditional]
ji2 hurried; worried; nervous; urgent;
tang2 sugar; candy; sweets;
小心 xiao3xin1 be careful;
yan2 salt;[simplified]
yan2 salt;[traditional]
Created by: Timmy19
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